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Should the Georgia election workers sue Rudy again?

Asked by LadyMarissa (16118points) December 18th, 2023

Much like his leader, Rudy is refusing to keep his mouth shut. So, the 2 election workers have filed another lawsuit. What are your thoughts?

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Apparently he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

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^^ He hasn’t paid them a dime yet either!!! I’m wondering if they win this one also whether a judge would put him in jail or just threaten him for noncompliance???

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He has appealed the court’s decision so no money (if there is any) will be paid out until then.
If it is found that his big mouth is in contempt of court, he could see some jail time.

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^^ Of course he appealed…he’s using 45’s playbook…delay, delay, delay!!!

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Off topic a bit, but I wonder if he died right now, is the settlement paid out from his estate, or does it still go through the appeal process?
But to answer your question, yes those two women should sue him again. He can’t seem to STFU.
And to think I thought he handled 9/11 so well.

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I read this morning they have asked the court to issue a restraining order to tell him to STFU.

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They are overplaying their hand. They may be legally correct, but suing someone you just won $148 million from is unseemly.

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I think they should get a restraining order on him to shut up and push for the appeal to happen ASAP. Can they fast forward to the US Supreme Court? I don’t know the details of this case in terms of how it was legally fought. I know it was a civil case. Is there any basis for a criminal trial where the state could take up the work of prosecuting him? I still say these lies are like ordering a hit.

The appeals court might lower the amount awarded, but I feel very confident they will still find Giuliani needs to pay.

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I thiink Rudy will be appealing in a Orange onesy. In jail.

PUN intended!

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I’m not their legal advisors so I have no reason to have an opinion.

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@chyna Don’t know about in this case, but when someone in court litigation dies, the case dies with them as it is considered moot. I think that the $148M claim would be against his estate at that point.

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They should be able too. It would technically be new charges of the same old behavior.

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