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What was the best gift you ever gave and what was the best gift you ever received?

Asked by jca2 (16406points) December 22nd, 2023

I went to a dinner last night where this was used as a conversation starter around the table.

What was the best gift you ever gave and what was the best gift you ever received?

Of course, the best gift you ever gave is a matter of opinion, and your opinion about a gift you gave and the recipient’s opinion about the same gift may be different, but give it a try.

A lot of people at the table answered, for the best gift they received, a toy from when they were little – a simple toy but it meant so much to them at the time.

For the best gift given, some talked about a gift they gave their child, when the child was young and the toy made the kid so happy, like a battery operated ride on toy. Some mentioned experiential gifts like a cruise or horseback riding lessons.

What about you?

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Best I ever received was a pair of walkie-talkies from my dad.

Best gift I ever gave was a stuffed dog to my lady friend. She liked stuffed animals and I found a very life-like one in a store and knew at once that it was just right for her. When entering the check-out stand, the cashier told me I couldn’t bring my dog into the store! My lady friend LOVED it, said it was now her favorite, and named it “Fred.” I assume she still has it.

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When my daughter was nine, we got her a puppy. She says it’s her best gift ever. The pooch is fourteen now.

Around 1978, ‘Santa’ brought me Star Wars’s Millennium Falcon and Cantina play sets with a handful of action figures. Still my best gift to this day.

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@kritiper I once got my Ex a lifelike black Lab for Valentine’s Day and had it standing in the doorway when he came in. He hated dogs (maybe that’s why he’s my Ex.) For weeks, the dog would move around the house to various corners.

The best gift I ever got was probably sometime in the middle of our marriage when he gave me a weekend in NYC with babysitting arranged, hotel reservations made and suggested activities.

The best gift I ever gave him was probably a surprise hot air balloon ride in western NJ. Ot windsurfing lessons.

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I’d say my best gift was a starter guitar set. I was begging for one for years and finally got it at age 15. The puppy talk reminded me of mine. The best gift I have given was a Yorkshire terrier to my wife for our wedding.

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The best gift was cash. My best gift was a comfortable sweater from my mom. Atari and NES were top 5 gifts.

The worst gift was a girls beauty accessory kit when I was a 8 years old. Best I can think is that the cards where misplaced after wrapping.

The worst I gave was an exercise machine to my dad. He never used it. For Christmas and my grandmas birthday I would go to a drugstore and pick the treats that my grandma might like.

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Best gift I ever received was a Chemistry Set when i was 10 years old.

Best gift I gave…....I have no clue. I will ponder that.

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Most appreciated gift I gave was a bare-root rose for my mother’s garden- Sterling Silver rose

When I was 6, I got a Robot Commando. I loved that thing.

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The best gift I ever got was from friends and it was a crock pot! I’ve never been much of a cook, but that opened up a whole new world for me, where you could just throw ingredients in, stir them up a bit, and voila! After however many hours you had several days of meals! What a concept! I love my crock-pot, and specially in the winter where I usually make something in it at least once a week.

The best gift I’ve ever given? If you’re talking about actual gifts, I’m working on a huge custom photo diamond painting for my friend. It’s not done yet so I haven’t actually given it, but I did let her know that I was making it because I wanted to make sure she would like it and that she had a place to hang it. So every once in awhile I send her a photo of the progress, but I know she’s going to be thrilled to death when I’m done.

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