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When does it stop being Christmas?

Asked by Smashley (12563points) January 15th, 2024

Just saying. The jellyfish is still wearing the Santa hat, it’s after wild card weekend. I can’t recall, is this normal?

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Dr. J is not making a fashion statement, but exercising caution is this very cold January.

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The Santa hat is keeping his jelly ears warm so that they don’t melt. Isn’t that obvious?

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Catholics say:

Roman Catholics (and some other Christians) mark the end of the liturgical Christmas season with the celebration of the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which falls on the Sunday after the Feast of the Epiphany (usually the second Sunday of January).

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I think someone is taking a long winter nap. <tap tap tap on the screen>

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The day after Christmas. It was such a relief to take All The Things down and get my living room back!

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When the next holiday is. Like Groundhog Day, and Valentines Day.

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On my birthday.

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Twenty minutes ago ! !

Thanks Mods and Ben ! !

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