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Do you think Trumps reign of terror might lead to a Constitutional ammendment?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46881points) January 23rd, 2024

For example, a person who has been indicted for crimes is not eligible to become president.

Pass some sort of test that indicates they have an inkling of how the government runs.

Any others?

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You could probably get an amendment with a maximum age limit for all elected offices and federal judges/justices passed and ratified in the next six months.

Judge Judy said yesterday “no President over 80”.

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No. Because you need ¾ of the states to agree on ANY constitutional amendment. And there is no way that ¾ of the states would agree on something which would be seen as anti-Trump or some sort of a rebuke. (38 states are needed)

Heck, we couldn’t even get the Equal Rights Amendment passed.

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Dutchess – How government runs and how it should run are not the same thing. Which would you want to test on?

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I’m asking how it should run according to the Constitution.
Did trump ever even figure out that there are 3 branches of the government and what their respective responsibilities are?

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@Dutchess_III he is clueless (about government and the Constitution) and could not pass and end of year test for a fourth grader.

He would threaten whoever was giving the test to pass him !

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^^^^ There must be a way to weed such a person out…..

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@zenvelo I like that “no President over 80.” Thinking about Biden, it’s not just that he would have to do four more years, he’d actually have to do five more years – this year (2024) and then four years, if he won. Trump and Biden, to me, they’re too old. Biden is more frail than Trump but the two of them, I’d be happy if they were both not running.

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@jca2 No President with an IQ of 95 !

That would remove MAGA

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@Tropical_Willie Definitely he’d be kicked to the curb!

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I wish there was such a thing as a definitive IQ test.

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