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ARCHOS Personal Media Player -- any opinions?

Asked by Dorkgirl (1496points) September 24th, 2008

I’m considering purchasing the ARCHOS 605 for movies & music while traveling. I also seems like a cool device because you can access wireless internet on it. I’m curious if anyone has used this. Their experience & opinions. Specifically, how’s the internet interface? Easy to use? Can you use it all over the world—we’ll be in SE Asia? How’s the battery life? I’ve read varying reports on this aspect. Thansk much!

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I have an 80GB with a DVR station but dont use it anymore. It’s in great condition.
I’ll be glad to sell it to you.

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Hmmm, tempting. What kind of price would you want for it?
And, why are you not using any more? Product related reason?

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Not really sure how much I’d want. I’d have to think about it…
As for why I’m willing to sell it, I just don’t have time to use it anymore. I love the Archos, I really do. It’s a great PmP.
Lets see, It retails for 470 (with DVR and Web Browser)...hows 325 sound?

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