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Do any of you watch Hulu on your browser and have the site come up as not secure?

Asked by jca2 (16296points) 3 months ago

I watch Hulu on my browser and after a commercial, the site switches to “not secure” (Http instead of Https). I googled it and apparently this is a problem that Hulu has. There are lots of articles and forum discussions about it. When I go to Hulu, it’s secure (Https) but then after a commercial, it switches over to “not secure (Http).

It concerns me because I don’t want to get hacked, but I don’t watch it in public places, only at home where it should be secure. I watch it using Microsoft Edge. One of the articles I read said that only the image is subject to hacking, not your actual info.

What do you think? Is this an issue that you have when watching Hulu on your browser? I don’t know whether to watch it, and not worry about it, or not watch it, and then I may as well get rid of it because I’m paying for it and if I’m not going to watch it, I may as well drop it.

Here’s an article that talks about it:

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I don’t expect there is an actual reason to worry about it, other than the annoyance of the warnings.

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I have not had that problem. I just tried it in Windows Firefox and Chrome.

Speaking of Hulu, I am enjoying Reservation Dogs immensely.

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