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Anyone want to loan Donald Trump $435 million?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33147points) 2 months ago

$350 million from today’s verdict and $85 million a couple weeks ago for the Carroll verdict.

Donnie isn’t having a good February. Would you help bail him out?

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I don’t think even Deutsche Bank will be touching this one!!! They testified during the fraud trial that they took his financial statements & reduced them by 75% to get a better idea of his real net worth. In doing the math, he won’t be able to pay back any loan. His followers need to dig a little bit deeper & see what they can do!!!

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Don’t worry his base will help him out,after all he was appointed by God.

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@SQUEEKY2 that is a lot of CASH !

He has received a small fraction of that from “the dumber than dumb” supporters !

Maybe Putin has some extra cash. HA HA HA HA !

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I am afraid to answer as he might try to collect. Like the time that Trump wanted to collect $5 million dolllars from Bill Mahar, for proof that his birth certificates indicate that his parents are both humans, and not orangutan.

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He won’t be able to borrow it in NY. He’s not allowed to do business there for 3 years and his sons won’t be able to do business there for 3 years.

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I read recently that the SEC approved a merger of his Truth Social with a big financial institution that could bring him billions. The headline was that Trump would be back on Wall Street but I don’t know how this judgment will affect that.

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@janbb Then I guess that he will have to create his own stock market , outside of NewYork. Like his own socal media “Truth Social”.Trump stock exchange.

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His devoted fans and minions would donate their hard-earned money to raise that amount. And those fans who do not…the orange douchebag will pester, cajole, charm and fool them until they do.

Also maybe Jared will ask Saudi Arabia for another billion?

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It’s getting pretty expensive for Trump. He lost a $83 million dollar case like last week.

I’d love to loan him some money. But. I just can’t approve someone with his financial issues.

Maybe he can sell Don Jr. to be parted out by black market organ traffickers. That could net a few thousand dollars…

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The late night hosts are going to have a lot of laughs with this topic next week.

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@janbb That was in the process with Digital World Media; however before it was completed, it was discovered that he had met with the investors & legally that is a HUGE no-no & last I heard he was having to return $533 million to DWM as they were calling off that deal. Like everything else in his life, had he kept his mouth shut, he would have made an easy $10 mil; but he didn’t & now he’s returning $533 mil. The man is bleeding cash with very few assets left!!!

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I would not loan him a tenner.

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I would – -

1).25.00 % down CASH

2). 10.75 % per year (payable each 12 months)

3) Since he is a credit risk – - Melania has to co-sign, so if he stiffs me Melania pays ! ! !

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@Tropical_Willie – I think you will only get 25% of your money back.

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@Tropical_Willie Melania seems pretty stiff anyway.

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I heard Letitia James today on the radio, saying that they will seize Trump’s assets as payment, if he doesn’t have the money.

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Can he slow that down if he pulls one of his many Bankruptcies ?

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Judge Engoron doesn’t let Trump off for legal judgments by declaring his company bankrupt, if he declares bankruptcy the judgements are just one of the “people” that are creditors, he’ll have to pay ! ! !

Here is AP media’s position.

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