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Did you see that the brilliant congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene wants the judge in the Trump fraud case to take his clothes off?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33133points) 1 month ago


She has called for him to be disrobed!

Republicans really are idiots.

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Dumb as a stone . .

not Vice President material ask Trump

Newly single

May not be able to pass an “end of year” for 4th graders

~ ~ ~ ~ Top GOP material !

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Georgian’s voted for that idiot.

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Trump and Marj deserve each other.

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She just lost her suit against being fined $100,000 over refusing to wear a face mask during Covid.
I really try not to wish ill on people. MTG makes that difficult.

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Yeah. Georgia, for ALL it’s glory, doesn’t always vote in the brightest and the best into office.
Herschel Walker, was too close for comfort.

I am tempted to say that MTG is just another attention seeker. However. I feel that she is most likely, just batshit crazy.

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They are not sending their best.

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Obviously she has the intelligence of a 2nd grader.

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@jca2 That’s badmouthing 2nd graders.

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Most 2nd graders don’t get kicked out of theaters, for trying to give drunken hand jobs to their Tender dates either…

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Sorry @MrGrimm888 I have to correct you that was the other frightwing freak show known as Lauren Boebert.
Marjorie is the one that got all hot and bothered over Hunter Biden’s home made sex movie from the infamous lap top.

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^I have trouble confusing my crazy white conservative women of our government.
I retract the statement.
That was a different, high character member of the GOP.

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@elbanditoroso She’ll be going after the SCOTUS after their ruling today. Pelosi fined her for not wearing her mask while in chamber during Covid & she refused. So fine was imposed & she fought it. Then she owed $100K (½ her salary for the year) & she sued. The Ethics Committee denied to throw the fine out & she took it to court. The court refused to throw the fine out, so she appealed to the SCOTUS & they declined to throw it out. Now she is pissed. Tomorrow should be an interesting day!!! :-)

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So maybe voter fraud in Georgia is true

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