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Why do people in prison awaiting trial want to keep extending their trial dates?

Asked by chyna (51302points) 2 months ago

I’m only talking about those in prison. Like Bryan Kohlberger who was accused of killing those 4 college kids. Or Rex Heuermann, the guy accused of being the Long Island serial killer. I would want my trial to be heard quickly with the hopes of getting out of prison.

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Real life prisoners delay as much as they can for as long as they can because it taints the witnesses memories & increases their chances of being found completely cleared of all charges!!!

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That ^^ and doesn’t everyday in prison before trial count as 2?

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Definitely, time is your friend in court. As a defendant.
People forget testimony from the time of the subject, so are likely to have inconsistencies that the defense can point to.

Witnesses, those involved, the suspect even, can die. Maybe an investigator, or prosecutor has the “burden of proof.”
With more time, you simply have more options.
Some people held during trial will try to spend a lot of time in “attorney meetings.” A time limited to a defendant’s resources, in many cases.
Epstein was such a person.
He hated being locked up.

Nobody is in a hurry, to be incarcerated for a long time.

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But doesn’t this also give more time to the prosecutor to find more evidence?

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The prosecutors are civil employees who have a lot on their plates, and more cases pile up all the time, they really don’t have the time or resources to devote to more exploration of evidence. The further away that everyone gets from crisp, clear, memories, the foggier things get, even if it’s only weeks.

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~They like the food or accommodations? Mass
Murderer, Anders Brevack has a Playstation 2, and Is looking for someone to play chess online.

He even applied for inhumane living conditions, because he didn’t have a newer system and new games.

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It’s worth noting that the justice system is so overrun, partly due to all the dragging out of trials, and countless meetings, and processions, that most current defense attorneys employ as tactics. Tactics that pay the lawyers obscene hourly rates, for every step of the process.

It’s funny how lawyers, really wouldn’t be needed, if not for lawyers. To a degree, they have set up the system so that they make laws, and defend people against laws.
A brilliant way of creating a problem, that only they can solve. And profiting from all sides of the law.

The system is indeed clogged. I think something like 70–100 million Americans, have some type of criminal record. That’s astonishing, considering our population. Too many laws, or a third of Americans are criminals.

One could easily surmise that there are massive, system wide problems with the “justice” system.

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They do this if they’re guilty. It has the effect of eroding memory, evidence, and public awareness.

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Because pre-trial, they’re in the County Jail, and they will get time served at sentencing time. It is from the County Jail that they are transported to court.

Post trial, they’re in the State or Federal prison, which is what is considered “hard time.” Those are the really tough places.

County Jail is like a country club compared to the hard time, so why not try to put that off as long as possible?

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Some witnesses might give up or die off if extended long enough.

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