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What is an appropriate amount of jail time for Amber Guyger, the Dallas policeman who walked into the wrong apartment and shot its resident?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26653points) 1 week ago

The state range is 5 to 99 years.

This was sheer stupidity on her part. And against her training.

I’m hoping for 20 years.

What’s your thinking?

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15 to 20 years would be appropriate in my opinion.

She’s an ex-cop, life behind bars will not be easy.

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17 to 25 years.

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All of it. She attacked and willfully murdered a stranger in his own home.

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Amber Guyger?
Sounds like a radiation leak warning.
Anyway yeah, gross incompetence with tragic consequences…throw the key away.

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Life. She went into his apartment and killed him and then didn’t even give him CPR. She was too busy talking to her boyfriend. She got on on the stand and cried fake tears saying she wished he had killed her. They showed evidence that TWO days after the shooting she was STILL sexting her married partner. That didn’t seem remorseful to me.

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If she’d attempted first-aid: 10 years. Because she couldn’t be bothered, 25-life is more appropriate.

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If and only if she was truly remorseful and devastated by this extremely horrible pain she inflicted to the dead man’s family to say nothing of the outrageously stupid way she took it…..8–10 years without parole.

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I say give her 99 years without the possibility for parole.

If she killed by mistake then she is too dangerous (dumb) to be allowed to be free.

If she did it on purpose (1st degree murder) then she should never be allowed to be free.

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The guy was in his own home sitting on his own sofa minding his own business and she shot him dead. I would give her life.

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Until death. No chance of parole. Put her among the hardened criminals, see how long she lasts.

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If she thought it was her apartment and she noticed someone in there she should have turned around and bailed and called the police. I know she is a cop, just not a good one.

The dude was sitting there eating a bowl of ice cream in his own apartment.

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The defense tried to use the castle doctrine? WTF!

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The defense has an opportunity to argue that the killing was reasonable under the circumstances and plead for a light sentence. It seems that in Texas you get convicted of murder but the class of murder and penalty are part of the next phase. I think she did believe she was in her own apartment. I look for her sentence to be less than ten years. But, she could actually serve even less.

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When is the sentencing date? I googled it but couldn’t find it.

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It is the second phase of the trial, right now.

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@jca Today October 2.

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One of the news channels was live-streaming it yesterday – I imagine they will today as well.

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It will be interesting to see if the good ole’ boys in Texas are sympathetic to this person.

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I’d give her 10 years.

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So she got 10 years. I don’t agree with the sentencing. She should have gotten more time. At least, as the prosecutor stated, she should have gotten 28 years. The age of her victim.

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@kritiper You nailed it. I almost did too.

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The age of her victim is no gauge for her sentence, nor should it be.

This is a horrible case. I think more than ten years would have been too much. I thought she would get less, 7 or 8. She may get paroled in a few years.

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I have to read up on it today. Someone I know, who often discusses court cases with me, wants to discuss it so I told her I’d research it because I don’t know a whole lot of details. I mentioned to her that I’d feel like Amber was more justified if the guy was doing something threatening, but he was sitting on the couch eating ice cream. My friend told me that from what she learned, the guy then got up and came toward Amber. Amber told him to stop or she’d shoot, and the guy kept coming. Those details I am unaware of, so I really can’t say much until I research it.

In cases like this, the ones who are in favor of the defendant will say she got too much time, and the ones who are sympathetic to the victim will say it’s not enough time.

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@jca2 but what you wrote entirely glosses over the fact that she was in HIS apartment. Her entire presence there was illegal.

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According to the autopsy, the shots came from a downward angle, and neighbours testified that they heard no commands from her.
That is what I read somewhere, anyway.
Frankly, she should have gotten the death penalty.

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If he had shot and killed her, as she came into his apartment with her gun drawn, the likelihood of him getting a hugely disproportionate sentence would have been increased. Black man, white woman and all that.

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@elbanditoroso: I understand that. I never said I felt she wasn’t guilty.

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