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What do you think about Trump nominating his DIL to be co-chair of the Republican National Committee?

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I remember your ancestors committing treason with the express purpose of getting rid of these monarchic power structures.
It is bad enough you are now on the path of reinstating this nonsense, but does it have to be this criminal clown family?

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Keeps the money in the family. Very mafia-like.

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From all I read, he owns the party – lock, stock and barrel. This is just further proof.

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Not much of a surprise. Plenty of corrupt politicians enrich their families while in power. He isn’t president right now, but he still has tremendous power in the party.

Has she done anything to qualify for the position?

I’m not completely against nepotism in business if the person is actually qualified and everyone is acting with integrity. In politics it feels more like the 3rd world. With Trump specifically it feels like he’s setting things up to insulate himself.

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I think . . . the fewer Trump family members, and the fewer Trump supporters, anywhere near any position of power of influence, the better.

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How can this idiot have such a hold over the Republican party?
he says shit like if a country doesn’t pay it’s Nato dues he hopes, no encourages Russia to do what ever it wants.
Also as said he hopes the US economy totally tanks in the next 10–11 months and people lose everything.
THis is the idiot people want?
He started needless trade war with the us trading partners ,and was shocked when they retailitated ,he should just stick to selling sneakers

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And yet if you say anything the magas just label you a hater,but they can spew vile rhetoric and all is well.

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I’m just surprised he hasn’t named a family member as his vice president yet.

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^^That could be next.

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Well, after Pence refused to decertify state electors and count the fake electors instead, he will want someone loyal enough to commit that crime for him.

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It is just a power grab for steering the RNC and maybe its money for his legal bills.

30% of the US voters are idiots (IMO) and just love a bigger idiot.

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It’s not trump anymore. It’s his worshipers ( for whatever reason ) who are making all this malarkey a reality. America had entered a new dimension and it’s deplorably dumb.

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I detect a continued, evolving/worsening, of more of the same.

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