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Do you think he was referring to me?

Asked by honeybun35 (976points) 2 months ago

My friend made a live video. He wanted everyone to check out his new music. During his live the location where I was at had bad wifi. I was in and out at the very end. During the end he said something about leaving comments and for those who were in and out in and out. He said it as if he was annoyed.

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Without a doubt.

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No idea.

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Honey dear, why don’t you ask him? I bet he knows better than any of us could! And you could always watch it when you DO have good wi-fi, and leave a comment then. So try it. Let us know how it goes.

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Oh. Em. Gee.

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It was a pro-Trump video and he was dissing you for not supporting him. Be careful of this guy, he will turn on you in a split second.

Men with guitars cannot be trusted.

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In his world, NOT everything revolves around you. You’re a mere convenience when he needs to get laid!!! Maybe one of his people had heard of the WiFi problems at the other locations & he was giving option to everyone watching. I’m assuming that you’re NOT the ONLY one watching. You really need to GROW UP…I work with 12 y/o’s that are more mature!!!

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@LadyMarissa .... maybe more mature, but not as much fun to tease….

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He was talking about @SnipSnip.

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Good for you @LadyMarissa for one who knows if everyone was going in and out in and out as I was. #2 I was recently with him and he sound annoyed when he said that. #3 He knew I’d be watching being that he told me when I was with him he was going to go live. Glad you know younger people mature I guess that have their own home , pool, deck and business too. You go girl. Brownie points for Lady Gaga oh just Marissa.

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I’m with Marissa on this one Honeybuns.

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I agree with @LadyMarissa. Honeybuns, your life seems to revolve around having sex with whoever is interested. And then you try to read more into it, as if these guys really care about you. They pretty much don’t, except that maybe it’s nice to keep you handy.

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Oh I’m totally agree you know them so well have good idea who I’m speaking of. I didn’t know it was multiple people thanks for letting me know

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Honey, you are trolling us. First you ask these nutty questions about people we couldn’t possibly know: “Why did so and so do ______?” Or “What did he mean when he said ______?”

When we answer, then you get all sarcastic saying, “Oh I’m totally agree you know them so well’”

Please either take our advice as it was intended or just stop trolling.

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