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A 30-year old uncontrolled satellite is going to crash back to earth on Wednesday. Shall we try and guess where?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33136points) 1 month ago

I’d be OK with Pyongyang or Moscow.

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This is a bigger one than usual, and no fuel left to control it. Where will it land?

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The China Sea. ;-)

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How about dead center in Moscow like you said.

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It’ll probably land in an ocean. Most of it will burn up in the atmosphere and only small pieces will reach the Earth.

I am disconcerted by the apparent bloodlust of our contributors, who gleefully imagine it landing in populated civilian areas, which happen to be capitals of official Western enemy nations.

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^I said the China Sea, not a populated area, as a play on my name.

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Mar-a-Lago works for me!!!

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Right on top of your vegetable garden.

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@Kropotkin it’s called multitasking. If you can destroy a satellite and a dictator at the same time, it’s a win for everyone.

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I’m going to place my bet on the Pacific Ocean.

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A 3 Pointer – Nothing but Net.

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Oh, an actual satellite. I thought someone was reminding me of my checkered past.

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Oooo! Ooooo! My land! Please, my land!!! I’d love to own my very own piece of space junk!!!

Hey NASA! I’ll send you my coordinates! Crash into my orchard! Pleeeease!!!

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I live in a forest, so hopefully not nearby.
It will probably fall in the Pacific.
I hope it will be on the Kremlin.

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I do believe that it finally splashed down in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between Alaska & Hawaii with NOBODY hurt!!!

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What do I win?

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I guess I can put the giant target and welcome mat away. Darn!

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So where did it land?

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