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Is David Blaine a real magician?

Asked by scrappyblue (44points) September 24th, 2008

Do you consider David Blaine to be a magician? Isn’t he a little creepy?

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Doesn’t he have a special on now?

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So, Criss Angel is creepy too.

Anyone who convinces people that he can do magic, is a magician. In my opinion, it’s just stupid when people say “u guyz r dumb, every1 nos dat magic iz fake.” Well obviously, magic is all illusion, the point of magic is to think of ways to make it look like you are doing something paranormal. Anyone that can do that, is a real magician.

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Criss Angel is HOT. He can elevate in my bed any time….

Sorry….I got carried away.

Blaine is supposedly a magician.

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(levitation rather than elevation?)

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Creepy? Yes.
Magician? I guess so.

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@gailcalled ok, whatever!!! What I mean is Angel can eat crackers in my bed…anytime!!!
Regardless. lol

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Yes and MrMontpetit is absolutely right. Anyone that calls themselves – or can be called a magician – is a master of illusion. That’s the entire definition as we’ve always known it. If you mean, “Does David Blaine perform real magic?”... That’s a different story altogether. One that couldn’t be answered until it was somehow scientifically proven that “real magic” existed in the first place. And then it gets all semantic-y and technical because the meaning of the word “magic” would be called into play and questioned…

But yeah. Heh. He is a real magician.

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Magic isn’t real. Its a flawed question.

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No! He is not. They filmed him across the street from my (old) store years ago. He walked backward and there was a dog trainer to coach the dog off camera…. All camera tricks, editing and actors. Not real street magic.

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A magician is basically defined as such: “someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience”

So yes, he is a magician.

It’s all about the Kansas City Shuffle, make them look left, while you go right.

Just for the record, all magic is is illusion, slight of hand, and misdirection.

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Intimate moments in a graveyard with David Blaine…oohhhh, yessssss! (lol)

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i think he’s a way better magician than criss angel cuz criss angel always has crazy media stunts but david blaine goes around cities showing regular people tricks he even went to countries that didnt speak english and they started shouting voodoo! voodoo!! XD!
and as for hot magicians… cyril hands down

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He can even use punctuation to start and end a sentence. That’s real magic.

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