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Do you think Fani Willis should be removed from the Trump case?

Asked by KNOWITALL (29679points) 1 month ago

Please explain why or why not?

I’ve watched a lot of testimony and it is quite the spectacle.

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A spectacle how? If she did anything unlawful, one that violates her duties as related to the case she’s pursuing against trump then yes she should be removed.

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Her testimony was a bit ‘emotionally charged’.

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Absolutely. Someone from the defendants just put in another filing (or added to the existing one) by showing the cell phone data from Willis and Wade for the last few years. Willis and Wade both testified, under oath, that they didn’t start getting romantic until after he was appointed as special prosecutor in 2022. The cell phone records show they called each other thousands of times in 2021, texted even more, and locations of Wade’s cell phone show him at Willis’ hideaway condo, spending the night, numerous times. All in 2021. So that shows that they lied under oath, that she was having the affair before appointing him as special prosecutor and that she has no ethics. She, the entire Fulton County DA’s office, and Wade ought to all be pulled off the case. Willis and Wade should be charged with perjury and disbarred.

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Or at least put it off till way after the November election huh @seawulf575 ?

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Please stop trolling, this is why we can’t have adult debate here and our user base has dwindled. Sigh.

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Some people love Hitler

Some people love dictators

Some people love Trump; no matter what laws he breaks, or secret Russian intelligence missing folder

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@seawulf575 Why the entire Fulton County’s DA office?
If Fani Willis is found guilty, then I agree. She should be disqualified from the case along with Wade. I personally don’t want there to be any reason for there to be called a mistrial, misconduct or whatever in trumps case.

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@chyna I understand they need to jump through all the legal hoops but the delay is unfortunate. I’m sure if she’s removed won’t they just appoint a new judge and presecutor?
I’m not sure why Trump’s lawyers care unless it’s a delaying tactic.

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@chyna Unless you are removing her from office, having her DA’s office continue the prosecution is still suspect. She’ll still be controlling the entire thing. If they want to proceed with this case (and that is a big “if”) the governor should appoint a special prosecutor from outside the DA’s office to take up the case. However, given the responses Willis got from Roy Barnes (former GA gov and top atty) and Gabe Banks (top defense atty in the state) it is unlikely they could find anyone worth the time of taking up this case.

The bigger question is: If Willis and Wade are disqualified for ethics violations, how much of their leg work would still be valid. I don’t know. I might all be considered okay, it might not. The Grand Jury indictment might be thrown out, even. There are a lot of moving parts going on right now with Willis and Wade. GA Ethics bureau is looking into potential sanctions upto and including disbarment. There is a question of the legality of Wade’s being appointed since it was never blessed off by the county commissioners. There is the federal groups looking at ties between Willis/Wade and the WH and DOJ. Lots of moving pieces.

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Much less than Aileen Cannon should.

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@ragingloli What ethical violations has Judge Cannon been accused of? In filings?

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@seawulf575 Yes but do you think she used her position to promote her lover and then DARED to openly work this high profile case and not get caught?!

I just don’t understand why all politicians don’t expect the scrutiny. The cash is a huge red flag, too.

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@seawulf575 I think loli is referring to delaying his trial, by making his lawyers file all seperate motions rather than a large batch, etc… Maybe @ragingloli think’s it’s helpful rather than saving her own career?

I don’t believe she’s a Trump fan so maybe I’m missing something?

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I wonder if Cannon is on the Trump payroll ?

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I honestly don’t see even the smallest reason that her relationship with a coworker has ANYTHING to do with Trump’s trial.

That being said, I do believe (after watching testimony) that she is attempting to cover up for whatever reason.
Admittedly though, I don’t believe that she made any tactical errors. Despite some harsh examination.

IF there is some legal reason that the relationship is significant enough for a mistrial, the power’s that be should have known to scrutinize ANY person that is involved with bringing Trump down more thoroughly.

Without being a lawyer, I don’t see ANYTHING.

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@KNOWITALL I know, what was I thinking. Judge Cannon isn’t a rabid lefty so she must be corrupt. Just like Fani Willis IS a rabid lefty and therefore couldn’t possibly be held guilty of anything. Anything she did would be acceptable.

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@MrGrimm888 Sleeping with your coworker merely shows questionable ethics. That, alone, wouldn’t be enough to do anything other than give her a slap on the wrist. Having that affair with your coworker and then assigning him to be lead prosecutor on one of the highest profile trials of all time is suspect. Looking at the fact he has little criminal prosecution experience and zero RICO experience is highly suspect. Not getting approval from the county to pay for his exorbitant salary is adding to it. If you benefit from that salary after paying it to him, that is corruption.

The testimony you watched, where you felt she was attempting to cover up is the story that they didn’t get romantic until well after he was appointed and that they split costs on all the trips and things they went on. That is why the testimony from the friend that let her stay at the condo was so damning. Willis/Wade were trying to pass the story that they didn’t get together until well into 2022, well after he was already appointed. The witness said it was 2019, not 2022, when they first got together. The cell phone records just released showed significant contradiction to the 2022 claim as well. Oh yeah, perjury is also a criminal behavior.

All this is enough to get her removed from the case. But as I said, since she is THE DA, the entire DA’s office can’t be viewed as being clean either. So it should also be disqualified. And obviously Wade needs to go. So suddenly there is no prosecutor available. One would have to be appointed, probably by the Governor. If anyone wants the case. It is so tainted and was weak to begin with that I don’t think anyone will touch it with a 10’ pole.

I had heard that prosecutorial misconduct is grounds for the case to be dropped as well, but I haven’t looked hard enough to find the GA statutes that would say that.

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^I don’t think the case is weak. They have trump on a recording demanding that Georgia find him more votes.
And from Willis’ testimony, I don’t see how she supposedly benefited from his appointment. So they went to Aruba and Miami. A 3,000 trip doesn’t seem like she is benefiting.
Heck, trump paid a call girl 120,000 in hush money! Now that’s what I call benefiting.

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@chyna The case is RICO…racketeering. There is no money being laundered by Trump which is what the RICO statutes were designed to do. They were designed to catch mob bosses who run criminal enterprises. That is why it is weak. Saying you don’t like that Trump called Rafensberger is fine, but what is the crime? That’s where everyone falls flat. He didn’t threaten or coerce, he just talked them about recounting. Willis is trying to make this out to be some organized crime syndicate. That’s why it is a weak case.

And Willis’ testimony has now been found to be false. Much of what she said was apparently lies. Willis and Wade’s phone records show much that makes what they testified under oath to as being completely false. They were hooking up well before she appointed him which was one of the key components to what they were looking at in the recent hearing. Hooking up with him and then appointing him while his actual credentials for the job are slim and none is already sketchy. She paid him well beyond what anyone else was getting paid (despite the lie she told in church). He got over $600k on this case. The big deal of her benefiting is that if he took her on trips, that is a kickback. The rules are very clear as to what can be considered gifts before it becomes kickback. It’s something extremely low like $150 total for a whole year. One trip, when the tickets cost $600 exceeds that. Forget hotel rooms, meals and drinks, and transportation. She benefited from the money he was making on his appointment.

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^The RICO act was essentially manufactured. It focused on tax evasion/unreported earnings.
Al Capone is/was the reason for creating the new concept.
As he, like Trump, had people covering his tracks.
Such people came to power, through ill gotten means.
It is important to note that criminal enterprises at the time were taking advantage of the Prohibition. They did plenty of “Godfather” stuff, but the violence between groups competing for the tip of the black market for alcohol is what ultimately forced the government to respond in the way of new laws, and new agencies (FBI) to “legally” combat the threat.
Capone, and his kind, were a clear and present danger to national security.
Many people view Trump in similar light. Whether that’s a fair comparison, it would be the same laws implemented to topple him.

My radar, for what it’s worth, tells me Willis WAS in spin doctor mode. And yeah. It’s as shady as an oak tree.
I can only imagine if Willis were a man, how this would have gone.

However. You have to understand that throwing a blanket over an entire DA office as illegitimate, would cast a reasonable doubt on ALL cases they have overseen.
Courts have a reputation. It’s unlikely that Willis’ conduct will bring down the GA justice system. Besides. The way you describe her lover, you should have been happy he was appointed to the case. If he is, as you say, so unqualified.

As far as Trump, and his phone call, I call BS.
I have heard his sniveling call, too many times now.
To me. It is an open and shut case, on it’s face. The only complications are the ones being thrown on the wall, by Trump’s attorneys to see what will stick.

Trump is NOT Hitler. He’s actually pretty pathetic. But. He did not willingly relinquish the Whitehouse, sewed discord, spread false information, had people threatened, seems to be pushing for a second Civil War, and oh yeah attempted a coup and attack on the Capitol Building.

So. Since this entire election is about the lesser of two evils, who is the lesser evil? A sloppy DA, or a domestic terrorist?

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@MrGrimm888 The biggest difference between the case against Capone and Trump is one of crime. What crime did Trump supposedly commit? He made a phone call and asked for a recount. So? Did it happen? Did he coerce anyone? What law did that phone call actually break. Because a RICO charge says there were crimes and a criminal syndicate. That is the problem with this case.

I disagree with the DA’s office being muzzled. The issue involved this one case. The DA’s lover was appointed to a position he has no experience with and she apparently benefited from the hefty salary she was paying him with taxpayer dollars. Since he was assigned only to this case, unless you throw her out of office and disbar her, she is still the DA, the head of that office. They do what the boss tells them to do. Now, if they take appropriate actions and can her lying ass, you MIGHT have a case to keep the DA’s office active for this prosecution. But a new DA would have to be appointed and that DA would have to evaluate if taking this case is even worth while. But even then, the evaluation of whether or not they did anything else unscrupulous would come into play. Every thing Willis and Wade did in this case would have to be suspect.

“He did not willingly relinquish the Whitehouse, sewed discord, spread false information, had people threatened, seems to be pushing for a second Civil War, and oh yeah attempted a coup and attack on the Capitol Building.” Gee, except for the attack on the Capitol Bldg, didn’t Hillary and the Dems do the exact same stuff? Hillary did not willingly concede the loss, continued to refer to Trump as illegitimate, used her created Steele Dossier to try getting him thrown out of office, many of Trump’s team were threatened…all of that basically amounts to a coup, does it not? See, this is where I get steamed. If the left didn’t do all this shit all the time you might have a complaint. Even the damage on J6 to the Capitol building paled in comparison to all the riots in all the cities that so many Dems supported. It barely passed the level of the riots in Lafayette Square, right behind the White House. And that was ignored by you folks on the left as well. In fact you all got up in arms and tried to blame Trump when protecting forces ended up using tear gas to disperse the rioters. Please. Wanna complain about Trump? Pick stuff the left hasn’t done in spade already.

Here’s another thought for you. If/When Trump wins back the WH in November, what will the left do? Will they peacefully accept the outcome of the election? Or will more bullshit shenanigans start up? And if it is the shenanigans, are you going to try blaming Trump for the left acting exactly the way you are complaining about Trump supporters now? Please, give an answer to that. So when he wins and the left goes nuts, I can hold you to it.

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I could have been more clear.
I do not compare Trump, to Capone in many ways.
However. Trump does use some of his tactics. As far as witness intimidation, and a public proclamation of his innocence and unfair attack by the US government.
Capone had many traits that Trump has, as a public figure.
A public that supported him, despite of what they knew but could never be proven.

It’s interesting that you feel Trump lacks a syndicate, when prisons are being packed with people involved with J6. People who have an overwhelming theme of stating that they were there for Trump.

I’m not going to address Hillary. She NEVER had an office to relinquish.

☆I have said before, that I believe Trump WILL win in ‘24.
I expect that the left will act similar to last time. Trump DID lose the popular vote.
Which, I think, is the most jagged pill the country had to swallow. But swallow it did.
Attempts to remove him, ultimately failed.

It was a time of daily complaints about Trump. The left leaning media SO sure, at each turn, they had Trump. It got old fast.
I was luckily drunken, or otherwise medically rendered oblivious to the world during the pandemic years.
It’s impossible for me to imagine precisely how I would have behaved, as the person currently typing.

I still don’t/won’t vote. So. I won’t cry too much, when he wins. I’m accustomed to the bad guys winning. The fact that he won, even with great help from circumstance, told me how far the nation had fallen.
I was forced to recalibrate my expectations for the fate of humanity.
I see the world now, in a different spectrum.

I will say this.

There are currently millions of great, hard working, struggling, decent, culturally and otherwise important members of our society (in USA) who happen to be lacking a piece of paper that means they can’t be here.
IF Trump follows through on his words, and I start seeing members of my community gathered up into vans and hauled away, it will be a VERY unfortunate thing.

My neighbor is my neighbor, because of proximity, and greater contribution to all.
They are my countrymen.
I firmly believe that making sweeping changes that could result in mass deportations, would snag some “undesirables,” but would mostly involve millions of people who have been here for decades.

We educate SO many great people, but they have to leave once they become even better.
These people, make up the rich tapestry that America is, and represent where it could ascend.

*Trump’s greatest mistake, would be underestimating the majority of the country, that unlike his sheep, have no blind loyalties to him.

If you want to see what Trumpers are capable of, reference J6. There were some wolves, but mostly sheep. Yawn…
I personally have no fear of his cowardly ilk.

It’s possible that Trump is ignorant enough not to be aware of the amount of minorities (“vermin”) in the US military.
He might quickly regret further alienating the military, by ordering them to round up their parents and families.
Now THAT, would be unfortunate.
He’d have to hold on for dear life, for four years of constant legal bombardment from his adversaries. Maybe a few more impeachments?
Trump will have a really tough time, when he wins. So tough, he may lash out too much, and overstep.
It’s hard to say what the “left” will do. I do not consider myself a left-winger.

A more intriguing prospect, to me, is “what happens if Trump’s sheep rub their eyes?” Well. Then he’d have Jack and Shit, and Jack “left” town…

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^^trump isn’t going to win. It’s mass delusion by his supporters particularly those who are still so bitter and so sore with their loss four years ago. That’s the only
way they know how to cope, deluding themselves.

There are more good American voters than misguided or deplorable ones.

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@MrGrimm888 You keep referencing J6. Let me remind you of all the horrors of all the riots the left supported. Talk about a syndicate’? If just some unruly protesters are considered a syndicate, the left has it in spades. As I said, it gets old when you on the left cannot admit to the left doing the same things you claim the right, and Trump in particular, does. Think of the riots, vandalism, the arson, the assaults, and even the murders. How does that carnage compare to J6? And the difference between the two, other than J6 was far less destructive and was far more peaceful, is that the J6’s were actually held accountable. They didn’t have right wing politicians setting up bail-out funds, offers to pay for their legal fees, and some of them have been held for almost 4 years now without a trial. Open your eyes, man! Which side actually has the syndicate?

But I notice you didn’t actually answer the question about Trump I asked. What crime did Trump actually commit? Again, just like with the impeachment, he made a phone call. The left went nuts. That is the crime he committed. You are an ex-LEO, you tell me: what crime did he actually commit? Hell, it supposedly falls under the RICO statutes so there’s gotta be a crime. What was it?

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My old friend at Jan 6th is home and well. Js

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How do riots compare with insurrection?
Well. They don’t.
Since you like anomalies, perhaps you can point out the “left-wing riots” (whatever those are,) in which they brought a gallows? In any of these riots, did they try to lynch the vice president?
Did Hillary call for violence?
Were these “leftwing” riots, more like the poor and homeless people taking advantage of a bad situation? (That’s what most rioters were in my area. A stealing frenzy, more than violent. Certainly, not remotely close to topping the government , or destroying democracy.
Certainly. Some of them were arrested and imprisoned too.

Yeah. I keep rudely bringing up the FACT that Trump tried to overthrow the government.
That’s a crime. Actually a VERY big crime. Proof? Funny.

Trumps call WAS a crime. Actually a VERY big crime.

I’m just real sorry your boy is so incompetent, as to be recorded saying SO many stupid/self-damaging things ON TAPE.

It’s amusing that so many people didn’t trust Trump, who worked for him. It’s as if, they knew he would be dumb enough to say stupid, even criminal things.

Caught red “hat“ed.

I cannot understand why you are angry at people who want to hold him accountable, when you should be mad at Trump for making himself AND his followers look like idiots.
It doesn’t bother you, that Trump NEVER built his stupid wall?
And Mexico, didn’t pay for anything.
He tripled the national debt.
I blame him for Iran’s latest actions. He broke an agreement, that was at least getting them to the table to talk.

I’m sure Russia would not profit from Trump pulling the US from NATO.

You put your faith, in the wrong person. It happens.
Stand up for yourself.

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@MrGrimm888 You are correct. Riots do not compare to insurrection. Your inference, however, is way off base. You are inferring that J6 was an insurrection. Yet not a single person was charged with insurrection…not even Trump. Almost no one showed up with a weapon like a gun (I think there were one or two that had them but never drew them). They broke a few windows and then walked around inside the capitol looking at stuff. Hell, even the cops let a bunch into the building and walked around with them, opening doors. Yeah, that has all the earmarks of an insurrection. Please.

Did the rioters bring a gallows? No. They brought bricks, guns, Molotov Cocktails and so much more. Might want to ask that simple question: if they were there for peaceful protests why did they bring those things? Did they try to lynch the VP? Nope, but then neither did the J6ers. Yes, on the audio of the security cameras you can clearly hear them chanting to get Pence and kill Pence. But the security cameras didn’t have any audio capabilities associated with them. All that noise and sound you heard were added by the J6 committee.

Your efforts at ignorance of the left wing riots is EXACTLY what I am talking about. You can’t even acknowledge they happened. Why is that? They were on the news all the time. Some were extremely long lasting. And what is funniest is that much of what you saw on the news revolved around people that did nothing wrong and were smeared. Let me give you some examples:

Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in Ferguson MO. Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson created a story that Wilson shot Brown in cold blood. Multiple witnesses to the event gave accounts that matched Wilson’s to a tee, proving Johnson made his story up. But the media went crazy, BLM showed up, and the riots began. Ferguson was destroyed. People reported hearing hundreds of gun shots throughout the night…not from police.

Portland Oregon. The rioters took over a portion of the city and held it for 3 months. They burned a federal courthouse (kinda like an insurrection, eh?) and destroyed the businesses in the area.

Seattle Washington. Protesters took over the Capitol Hill area creating the CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) zone. Looting, vandalism, and arson all were seen. The use of lasers (to blind officers) were used against the police, along with the rocks, bottles, some guns, etc. A police precinct was taken over. This area was held by protesters for more than a year. 2 teens (16 yo) were driving to the barrier and protesters shot and killed them.

Kenosha WI. Surely you remember this one. Kyle Rittenhouse was what the media focused on, branding him as some rabid right winger looking to kill people. In the end he was acquitted of all charges, finding he acted in self-defense against the protesters who actually did attack him. You know, those peace loving lefties? But the riots themselves did over $2M in damage to city property and over $50M in private property damages. Not to mention the assaults on several citizens of the city. I particularly love the 70 year old that was beaten for daring to protect his friend’s business from looters. Yeah, real peaceful protests.

The list does go on and on. But you won’t acknowledge them anyway. In your fantasy world the left can do no wrong and J6 was the only violence ever committed in a protest.

You keep bringing up the FACT that Trump tried overthrowing the government, yet that, like your insurrection claim, is opinion and not based in reality at all. I asked you what crime Trump committed in GA and you go to J6 as your case. And even then it is not realistic claims. I’m starting to understand why you are no longer LEO since you can’t distinguish fact from opinion. It would make doing your job extremely difficult. You then say his call in GA was a crime and a big crime, but you can’t actually tell me what crime. His voice, apparently, is all that is needed for there to be a crime…especially when you don’t have to actually name the crime.

I’m not going into the rest of your demented diatribe about Trump. This response is already too long and it would do no good. You can’t get past your TDS to even acknowledge reality any more.

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None of which has anything to do with the question, gentlemen. I think we’ve learned by now that some of us see thing’s far differently so maybe we can stop hijacking every thread for pointless arguments. It’s not even debate or constructive at this point.

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Yes Ma’am.

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