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Has anyone ever appreciated having a clingy friend?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24430points) 1 month ago

Humor welcome.

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Does this happen when they just come out of the dryer?

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No, NO, & may I add…HELL NO!!! I simply DON’T accept clingy friends!!!

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The fisherman’s wife did.

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Some people appreciate having a Klingon friend !

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As a member of the great organization called the Mafia, I want every single friend of mine clingy, because I enjoy seeing them dependent on me for everything: money, protection… It’s always feel good to have power over your friends :D ~

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My cat is my friend and she is very clingy.

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I’ve never liked clingy friends, but when I was younger, I did enjoy listening to friends’ problems and being a good and frequent listener for them. Even the ones who were a bit too frequent and never made any effort to fix said problems.

I got over that pretty quickly.

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@Kropotkin My dog is the same way. She can’t tolerate being away from me even if I’m in the bathroom!

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@snowberry: My Goldendoodle is the same. So insecure.

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I did. In high school I had a very clingy friend named Rosemary. Often I felt like she was too demanding, and she interfered with other friendships, sometimes just by always being there. But there were times when there was no one else, and then I was grateful for Rosemary.

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Oh, and when Rosemary grew up and had a family, she joined a cult.

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Cult of the Clingy.

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@Jeruba @Dutchess_III @cookieman I know this is a joke thread and you guys are not being serious, but hearing that she joined a cult really disturbs me to no end. It sounds to me that Rosemary had some unresolved issues that made her desperate for companionship. This is the kind of mental weakness that cults love to prey on. They must have been using her need for love against her, in the most cruel way possible. This is such a sad turn for her life.

Sorry for bringing the mood down, but I’m extremely emotional about this issue. Hope she finds a way to leave and heal.

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@RedDeerGuy1, sorry if I derailed your thread.

@Mimishu1995, my comments weren’t a joke. The Q brought Rosemary to mind after many years. Other recollections followed after my post.

She joined the cult believing that it could save the world and she could be a part of something deeply meaningful. At one time she tried to get me interested.

When she finally realized that the leader was a charlatan, she and her husband and two children escaped one night leaving everything behind, right down to the meal on the table. They made it out and began a new life.

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Don’t worry @Jeruba. It was actually me who derailed the thread. And I’m glad she got out. It takes strength and courage to get out of a cult. I hope it was the beginning of her transforming into a better person.

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@Mimishu1995: Of course, you are right. I’m sorry, my dark humor was a bit glib.

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