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What does it mean by matching energy?

Asked by honeybun35 (975points) 1 month ago

I’ve read when someone leaves your msg on read they are matching energy. So if a guy is playing games it’s because he’s matching energy with the female .

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If a guy is playing games, he’s a player. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Matching energy means basically, to change how you behave to make someone else comfortable with the “energy” you’re projecting. Am I correct?

I feel like you are asking: “I leave him on read, is that why he leaves me on read?” If that’s your question, the answer is yes. But if not, maybe rephrase? Is he energy matching with someone else and that’s why he isn’t texting? I’m so confused.

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Pairs of matching energy smilies:


:^ |
:- |


Pairs of smilies not matching energy:

:- |


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What’s “on read”?

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I know this: When I’m walking my dog, I expect her to match my energy. That means she must not drag me down the street. I expect her to stay with me at my pace. If I’m running, I expect her to run beside me. And if I’m walking, I want her to walk.

Now if you can understand that, then perhaps you can apply it in some way to answering your question.

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In the universe, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. matching energy.

@Jeruba asked a pertinent question. What is “on read”?

If you are wondering what it means when a guy leaves one of your messages unread, it could mean a few things. It could mean he is playing some cutsie little game. This is not likely as that is not usually how guys are. It could mean he has been too busy to check messages. It could mean he saw it was from you and decided not to even read it. I think that one is pretty clear what is meant. He’s ghosting you.

“on read” I guess could also mean he opened it and never closed it…it is in the “read” position. I guess if that is the case I’d say either he is thinking of just the right reply (again, not likely as that is not how guys operate) or he just didn’t close it yet for whatever reason. Laziness would be my first thought.

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On read means you saw the message, and the sender knows it, because they got the little “read” notification, but you haven’t responded for a while.

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@Jeruba, @seawulf575 What does left on read mean? In internet slang, a person is left on read when a recipient has read, but not responded to, a sender’s message. The expression is often used to express feeling ignored.

@honeybun35 He’s ignoring you until he’s up to dealing with your BS!!! He read it & decided he didn’t have time nor care enough to reply.

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He probably loves you so much that he’s having a hard time finding just the right words to say to you.

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Matching energy: If I wake up singing and my husband starts singing with me.

Unless you are not responding to his messages, him leaving you on read has nothing to do with matching energy.

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