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Has any adult been punished because of a lack of charisma?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24453points) 1 month ago

From being denied service to serving time?

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What is your definition of charisma?

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@Jeruba Personality, Social skills, Looks Diplomacy, wit and charm. E.Q. (Emotional intelligence).

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I don’t know how that could even happen. Kind of a goofy question.

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Like for example a 18 year old flipped off the
judge, in court, and he called her back to say that she is being found guilty of a felony and must serve 1 month in prison.

Also refusing service to customers who are out of line.

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I am sure it happens all the time. People who are more attractive in one way or another get move favorable treatment, so I assume people who are less attractive tend to be treated worse.

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Absolutely. False convictions are certain to fall more heavily on those with less charisma, for one. On an everyday level, clubs are notorious about controlling access, often based on opaque criteria, and access to various services from table waiting to health care are affected by your charisma.

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I think what the two answers above me are describing is charm, which isn’t the same as charisma.

“Charm is a characteristic that can be described as the ability to please others through one’s behavior or personality. It is often associated with a person’s ability to be pleasant, polite, and likable. Charm can be seen as a form of social finesse, where individuals use their personality and behavior to create a positive impression on others. It is a trait that can be learned and developed over time through practice.” Ex: He had a way of charming his way out of trouble.

“Charisma is a characteristic that can be described as a compelling attractiveness that can inspire devotion in others. It is often associated with a person’s ability to influence and lead others. Charismatic individuals have a magnetic presence and are able to captivate others with their words and actions. They possess a certain confidence and self-assurance that draws others to them. Charisma is often seen as a natural gift, but it can also be developed through practice and self-awareness.” Ex: a politician like Obama, JFK, and Reagan.

“Charm focuses on personal interactions, while charisma captures and engages larger crowds, leaving a lasting impact. So, while they both involve attracting and influencing others, they are not interchangeable.”

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People who are jerks often get shown the door (denied service). People who are polite often get extra service.

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Most “Cold Fish” seem to punish themselves.

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Lack of charisma means you will always have more unfavorable outcomes than someone with charisma.

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The dingos really ate that lady’s baby. But she was weird, so she went to jail for three years.

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