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Is Uber's (or Lyft's) routing from point A to point B the same that I would get with my phone's GPS?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33146points) 1 month ago

How do I know that Uber’s routing is the most direct/fastest way?

Could they be routing a trip differently than Google Maps in order to take longer and make more money?

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They shouldn’t be because if they are spending longer getting you there, they are taking time away from being able to get another fare. I doubt they use a different GPS app.

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More or less it will be the same. If they use waze maybe they will use more local roads, or if they are familiar with the area they might not use the suggested route by gps. You can ask them how they plan to go or tell them how you prefer. That’s not unusual to do in NYC taxis for instance. A passenger might prefer a certain route for specific reasons and the taxi driver will abide by the request or might explain why it’s a bad idea etc. Not that passengers do it often, but it’s not unusual either.

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You can try using Waze or Google Maps or whatever GPS app you use when you’re in the ride share and see if theirs matches yours.

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I’m not shy about telling them I want to go by interstate or whatever and have done so a number of times when I see which way they’re going.

I once had a driver who was sooo bad I actually had to get us to the destination! and english wasn’t her primary language!

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I took one Lyft where the driver kept hitting optimize on Waze to save as many seconds of travel as possible to get me home. I discovered that technique for myself when I needed to drive from San Jose to San Diego several times, but I only did it a few miles from every proposed connection to another highway (in case traffic had changed enough to justify a route change).

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