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Doesn't it just make you cring?

Asked by fireside (12339points) September 24th, 2008

Tonight Pres Bush said that earlier this year Secretary Paulson had proposed a plan early this year to force more oversight of the financial market.

The first thing that came to my mind was the “Bin Laden determined to attack in America” briefing from 2001.

Anybody think the next President will be better able to forsee problems that everyone knows exist and will act to prevent them?

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It makes me cringe that since you brought up the Bin Laden briefing, that the same guy who gave that briefing to the incoming president let Bin Laden go a few years beforehand.
LA Times
Newsmax with tape

But no. The system is designed to be maintained at the same status quo.

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I’m so incredibly discouraged by politics in general…..

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Yes. In the future, presidents will foresee problems before they happen and prevent them. That’s why smart people don’t have big problems.

(Hint: 20/20 hindsight allows you to separate the correct/important facts from all the facts. But as life actually unfolds, the facts are an endless onslaught where what will happen is not factually separable from what might happen.)

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Nope! This movie is getting better and better all of the time!

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Warren Buffett saw it coming 5 years ago.

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Seriously, we’ve seen hearing about the housing bubble almost since the recovery from the tech bubble. Guess it just wasn’t worth bothering to look into sooner…

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