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How can dusting spray “repeal” dust?

Asked by KRD (5259points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I saw on a can full of dusting spray and it says it can “repeal” dust. How does that work exactly?

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All the dust mites join in the dust capital city and vote to eject the dust. That is how repealing dust is done.

My guess is that some stupid copy writer at some ad firm chose the wrong word and nobody noticed.

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^^ LOL

The correct word is “repel”.

‘Dust tends to cling to surfaces due to static electricity. To counter this, use anti-static products like anti-static sprays or furniture polish. These products can help reduce the static charge on your furniture, making it less attractive to dust.’

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I was about to say something snarky like “it has a two-thirds majority”

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