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How do I clean the dust out of my ceiling bathroom fan?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24607points) February 23rd, 2023

I’m tall enough to reach, but not tall enough to see how to remove the lid. Also I am too heavy to stand on the toilet. I don’t have a step ladder.

Or who can I hire in Red Deer, Alberta?

I can ask my maintenance guy for help on the middle of March.

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Is this an exhaust fan? Does it have a grate screwed on top of the spinning fan?

Or is this a ceiling fan that is large with big blades out in the open?

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@Hawaii_Jake It is an exhaust fan. I can’t see inside. It is a standard bathroom shower fan The outside is caked in dust. The inside might be just as bad.

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Do you have a vacuum cleaner with an attachment that expands to get into corners and reaches to the ceiling? That’s what I use.

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@chyna No. Great idea though.

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I found a list of 3 cleaners in Alberta here.

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In the past I’ve screwed the cover off because the screw was on the outside. That opens it up and I can wipe things clean with a dry cloth, then blow dust out using my blowdryer or a can of air.

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I think maintenance guy is a good answer, ask now if you see him.

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I think asking the maintenance man is a good idea, too.

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Mine have a hinge that easily pulls down for cleaning. You could check your model for the release location. :)

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I have an exhaust fan with light. When it needs cleaning, I have to take it apart to clean and lubricate.

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You can try holding your vacuum cleaner hose to the grill to clean it. If you do it a few times a year you won’t have to worry about taking the grill off.

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@SnipSnip I said that ^ up there. He doesn’t have one.

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