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Is it better to eat junk food or nothing at all?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24526points) 1 month ago

When hungry?
Is it better to have a cup of water, and wait days for healthier alternatives? When is it OK to eat junk food?

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You should healthy food available at all times !

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It’s OK in moderation, like most things.

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Junk food usually has more calories than nutrition, but still, it’s nutrition. As @flutherother said – it’s OK in moderation.

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Fasting at times is pretty good for you as it is, so there’s no contest.

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Don’t eat junk food. You’re probably better off just skipping the meal or even the whole day.

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I would say it depends, because if you’re diabetic, you can’t eat too much sugar or salt or fat, but yet if you don’t eat at all, your blood sugar may drop to a dangerous level, so you’d need to eat something, even if it’s something small but as low carb as possible. (I’m not diabetic, but I know if their blood sugar drops, they can pass out so there’s that).

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I would think it depends on the junk food and how much, also your definition of junk food. If you gorge yourself on sweets, you’re better off with just water. A small cheeseburger, small fries and small cold drink would be healthy-er.

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@Call_Me_Jay Thanks for the link. Was a fun read. I am interested. I will read it again and again.

Update I ended up eating an fresh oven cooked beef rib. Very little meat , but was delicious.

I still have the urge to buy a 15” Hawaiian Pizza. I guess that I saved $50.

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My wife’s A1C went down to reasonable levels after she cut out sweetened drinks. We watch our carb intake too, but not drastically.

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