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Can you ask a question?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37378points) 1 month ago

8 AM Hawaii time on 12 April 2024. I cannot ask a question from the desktop version of Fluther.

Is it working for you?

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I had to use my phone to ask this question. I cannot access i.fluther dot com on my work PC where I should have been able to ask this question.

The PC is running Windows 10, and I’m using a Chrome browser.

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Jeruba couldn’t as of yesterday.

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No. I get as far as entering the question and then the Continue button does nothing.

Windows 7, Firefox.

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I have had that problem in the past, but today I asked a question and it was ok, and it was about the time of your question.

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I just asked my three questions. No problems with my phone access.

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Thanks, we’ll let Ben know!

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No. It was out for me as of last evening on both laptop and tablet.

As noted in my Meta question about gremlins, I’m missing all the header graphics too.

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Haven’t tried my phone, but no to my desktop.

ooops, just tried again and it worked. 4/12/24 10:20pm central time

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Graphics are A-Okay too !

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I could try a test question for Desktop and Mobile, but the last time I did that, it turned out to be a most embarASSing fiASSco! ;-o

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Graphics and questions are both back now. Good job, Ben! Thank you.

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I just successfully asked a question.

This OP reminded me of an exchange between a me and coworker.

I asked “Can I ask you a dumb question?”
He replied “Better than anyone!”

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Sure! What are you wearing right now?

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A better question is what I would wear if you were in the room.

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