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Do you have significant knowledge regarding car brakes?

Asked by smudges (10796points) 1 month ago

I hear sort of a rubbing sound (I think from the right front) when I slow down and stop, and it’s gradually getting worse. I’m assuming it’s the brakes. Should brakes be going out on a 2015 Camry Hybrid at 25,000 miles? I’ve researched and have found numbers from 25,000 all the way up to 100,000 miles before they’re needed. 100,000 miles seems pretty unrealistic.

I’m taking it to the dealer soon for maintenance and would like to have at least some knowledge.

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Take the car to a Pro, brakes stop the car !

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I’ve been working on cars for over 70 years !

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Did you have the brakes replaced 25,000 miles ago? They aren’t the original brakes? Definitely go to a good mechanic. There are a number of things that could be wrong. The brake pads could have been installed incorrectly. The alignment of the car could be bad. The rotors could be bad or dirty. The calipers could be failing on that wheel. A professional would be your best bet…someone you can trust.

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That’s a little early but not unheard of. If they want you to get new rotors…get new rotors. I usually have to replace the brakes on my Camry every 40k or so. I also don’t wait until there are just slivers of pad left.

Does it pull to one side when braking?
Do you feel vibrations when braking?

Short of pulling the wheel and taking a quick look anything like that indicates it’s time for service.

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I know enough to take it to a pro; I just wanted to hear your opinions – like if you said “OMG that’s way too soon for brakes to go out!” or “That’s about the right amount of mileage.”

@seawulf575 These are the original brakes.

@Blackwater_Park It doesn’t pull, no vibes. Glad to know it’s not out of the realm of possibility!

Thanks guys!

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25k miles seems early for brakes to start going, but better safe than sorry obviously. Maybe you brake more than average at higher speeds. My husband had to change his brakes often on his race car. :)

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It seems early because of the low mileage but because the car is 9 years old, I am wondering if the brakes are rusty.

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I’ve had one car where the front pads had to be replaced, under warranty, at 17,000 miles.

The pads were defective, too soft.

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I have done my own brake jobs (Pads, Rotors and calipers) on many cars for years. More than likely worn pads, a worn rotor, or a caliper that is inconsistently releasing fully, There is a break pad wear indicator on each pad. It emits a chirp or squeal as it come in contact with the rotor.
Pad quality and driving habits and driving type can vary mileage significantly.
Do you know when the rotors were changed or turned last?
Have a trained trusted person look into it.
In General pads are 25K-60K use, Rotors about 100K but may need to be machined upon inspection. Calipers can last 100k-200k depending on braking habits and quality of the caliper.

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The most important thing I’ve learned about brakes is that if there’s an issue, get it taken care of early! If not, it’s going to be a lot more expensive.

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As a comparison, for small cars: my Integra (gas) typically needed brake pads at 60k miles. My Prius (hybrid) went 93k miles before getting close to needing pads. At 25k in a Camry (hybrid), there is something rubbing incorrectly in your brakes.

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Have the brakes checked to be sure. (The right brakes generally wear out faster because there is more dirt on the right side of the road.)

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^^ too late – I rear-ended a police car because I didn’t have my brakes checked a month ago. ~

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^^^ Well that sucks ! ! ^^^

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hahaha I was ribbing @kritiper for answering a month after I asked. But god yess it would suck!

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Did you fix the F*&^%KING brakes @smudges ? ? ?

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Here to ask the same.

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LOL Yes! It cost $981 including maintenance and tire rotation. It needed brake pads and calipers or cylinders or something beginning with a “c”. No more grinding noise! Next time I’ll do maintenance on schedule!

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@smudges I think the grinding is from cylinders.

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Calipers, the master cylinder is not going to grind

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