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Hypothetically. If Trump becomes POTUS, will he leave after four years?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19059points) 1 month ago

He didn’t just leave last time.
I could add a lot of details, but I think they could be raised by others.

Personally. I don’t think he’ll leave, unless he’s ceding the crown to one of his sons.

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Probably not ‘cause he’ll kill all the Democrats in government !

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I don’t see him leaving until he is 6 feet under!!! He’s already planning to assassinate any rivals…NO matter their political affiliation. When he dies, I see him putting djtj in his place because he can’t stand eric!!!

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He will absolutely not leave!

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He’ll leave office but he’ll never go away.
He’s not human. Maybe a space alien? Doesn’t seem real. Perhaps he’s a poorly designed robot. HA!

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Of course, he’ll leave. If I had a dollar for every time people said a president will find a way to stay in office past their term limit, I’d have about eight dollars.

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I think he will stay if he can find a way or if it is handed to him by his loyalists.

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Fortunately, he’s old so maybe he’d just drop dead.

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^The Darkside is strong in Trump. He could outlive us all, smashing pornstars raw, eating McDonald’s, and “playing” golf.
He wears gloves all of the time now, to cover his gonorrhea, but he’s OK.
If someone thinks that is a vicious rumor, it’s far more plausible than Trump’s “birther” conspiracy, or MTG’s Jewish space lasers.

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Yep. Despite all the rhetoric, Trump is about the laws. He knows he cannot run again after he is POTUS again so he would move on. Would he groom and name a successor he likes? Sure. That’s what all political parties do.

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@seawulf575 Do you think he or Republicans in Congress would try to change the law? Go back to allowing a president to serve more than two terms?

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Putin was all about the laws that put limits on his presidency yet he’s still in power. He was able to change the laws. It isn’t inconceivable that an American president might try do the same. It would start with an attack and a belittling of American institutions, the press, the legal system, the electoral system, political opponents and we are already witnessing that happening.

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No, because the American Republic is a perfect system with checks and balances created by wise founding fathers who anticipated all potential routes to tyranny.

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@JLeslie Nope. Even to suggest it is nothing but fear-mongering. To start with, our Congress is so dysfunctional that they couldn’t get enough support in both sides of Congress (House and Senate) to make the Constitutional change in 4 years. On another front, Trump has shown no tendencies towards wanting a third term.

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Well if there was an amendment revoking the 22nd amendment I would imagine he’d want to stand again.

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Constitutional amendment requires ¾ of the states to vote to accept it. Oh that could take a more than 4 years !

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He would probably try to have one of his sons take over.

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I forsee Trump’s brain in a jar, powering a giant robot scorpion body.
His true form revealed WILL be terrifying, but let’s face it, it will look better than he would in the flesh.
He will rule from atop a golden tower. The Jews will be outsmarted by the God King, and forced to make him space lasers for eyes.
And probably some over-compensatiingly large hands.
Gorgeous hair.
I think he’ll ditch the blue, and white, and be republican/red wrestler red.

All women will be tasked to give birth to Trump’s babies.
Chaining women down would really make things easier.

He’s approaching his Jaba the Hutt stage, now. He is a nasty slug-like being, and has old porn stars chained at his slimy side.
Old porn stars that have been RUN THROUGH!

When his STDs kill his body, Musk will have the scorpion robot ready for Trump’s brain. The compartment won’t have to be big…

These things, I have foreseen.

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He’ll die before his term ends. Natural causes. Too many quarter pounders.

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I mean, look at Ron DeSantis. There was a law in Florida that if you ran for president you couldn’t be Governor anymore, and he had that changed. So anybody who thinks that Trump wouldn’t get that changed is not thinking things through.

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Bloomberg changed the rules in NYC also. Used to be limit two terms, but he was in for three.

I actually didn’t mind the change DeSantis made, except that it applied to him. Bill Clinton supported allowing a president to serve more than two terms, but not more than two terms in a row, and he specifically said, but it should not apply to him if he had ushered it in.

I absolutely think some politicians would try to change the two-term rule for president if Trump wins, or Trump himself will try. I don’t know if they will succeed, but someone will try, I feel fairly sure of that. I have never felt that regarding any other president. I remember the Republicans used to say that about Obama, that he was a dictator and would try to stay in forever, and it sounded to totally ludicrous, to me, and it was, but Trump is a different story.

Think about it, Trump wants total immunity from ever being prosecuted or sued for anything if he is president.

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^He wants more than immunity from the law, he won’t stand for people in the media saying bad things about him.
It’s not just democracy, free press, and really free speech, could be a thing of the past as soon as a few years from now.
Talk show hosts, Podcasters, etc, could be viewed as dissent.

Scorpion bodies aside, I genuinely believe that he will push things much further, this time. If elected, he will likely become some even more extreme version of himself.

We couldn’t even have him medically removed, because he would fire ANY doctor that doesn’t assess him as a genius in excellent health.

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