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Which is the superior birthday song, "Happy Birth Day" or "Jolly good Fellow"?

Asked by ragingloli (52005points) 1 month ago

And why is it, undeniably, the latter?

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@ragingloli Are you a jolly good fellow? Is this a cautious revelation?

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From a Music Theory point of view, neither are superior.
Which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny!

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Well, that is just a theory.

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In the US, we only sing “Happy Birthday” generally so that’s obviously the best song. ~

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@janbb Hooray for the colonies!

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“Birthday” by the Beatles.

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^^ The far superior Birthday song!!!

Jolly Good one!

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Yeah. This is America. If you’re still singing after Happy Birthday, you’re either drunk, or deranged.

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^^Or just in the mood for a singalong!

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^I was unfortunate enough to work at Red Lobster, when I was very young.
We were forced to sing, and the birthday person got free ice cream.
We were able to have some fun, by singing as loud and bad as possible.

But. There was this strange pattern I experienced, where some of my tables would “coincidentally” have 4 birthdays out of a 5 top.
You couldn’t accuse them of lying to get free ice cream of course.
It took a LOT of my precious time, to make ice cream for 15 people a shift. People have no shame either.

Singing is fine.

But corporate America, has destroyed the whole birthday thing for me.

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How did Corporate America destroy Birthday celebrations for you?

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^By working for corporations.

Having the b-day at my table, was the worst. You have to politic, and recruit other servers, you look stupid with just 2–3 servers “singing.”
Which, by the way, was not a talent required to work (singing.)
Like I said, Red Lobster “trained” customers to take advantage of such things.
You want free ice cream for the whole table, just tell your server it’s everyone’s birthday. I sang Happy Birthday, and had to make little Sundays for some people twice a month.
They were also rewarded with a comped meal, and $50 gift certificate, if they complained about the food/service.
The same company that would yell at me for giving someone 3 tomatoes in their salad, instead of 2, probably lost most of their profits by catering to shitty people.
Now. Looks like they’re heading for bankruptcy.
My old location shuddered a couple years ago. I was thrilled that Darden, is losing another restaurant chain.
Olive Garden is next.

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I can see how that made it cringe-worthy for you.

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^It’s PTSD bruh!

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