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What holds staples together?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33182points) 1 week ago

I had to refill my stapler this afternoon (first time in more than a year!) – when I take out a row of staples from the box, the row all holds together – 60–75 staples per row.

What holds them together? Glue? Magnetism? Invisible tape?

It has to be something weak, because it allows the individual staples to separate when I press the plunger.

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It’s packaged that way. Just crammed together.

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It’s glue. They (the machines that make staple supplies) start with flat wires, add a touch of glue, then cut and bend them to be staple-shaped.

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It’s glue. They’re made by gluing long parallel metal strips and a machine bends and cuts them.

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Smaller staples.

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Snail slime. GQ!

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