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Can you use Febreze as a deodorant?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24528points) 1 week ago

I have a dental appointment soon and my deodorant causes me to sweat.

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It’s not made to be put on your skin, so it might not be bad if you get it on you, but I wouldn’t use it on my skin to plan to leave it there for an extended period of time.

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If your deodorant causes you to sweat, you need an antiperspirant/deodorant combo. Try Dove brand. Good for sensitive skin.

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Maybe your deoderant isn’t causing you to sweat. Maybe you sweat and your deoderant isn’t an anti-perspirant.

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@all My pharmacist looking to order me a better brand.

I tried speed stick, and dove men plus care. Pharmacist will order some that he suggests.

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Try it and let us know. I haven’t a clue and don’t use deodorant anyway. I’m allergic so use alcohol.

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^^ drinking it or applying it? :o kidding!

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Have you tried Mitchum for Men??? It’s an antiperspirant/deodorant in gel form…stick…no scent unless you want a scent. It lasts up to 72 hours.

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I’ve had some deodorants cause massive hives to break out under my armpits. Ever since, I’ve been aware that some of these products can contain ingredients that irritate the skin of some people. For that reason, I would not recommend using a product not explicitly designed for and tested to be safe for human skin contact. I’ve had luck with Tom’s of Maine stuff but I think it’s different for everybody.

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