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How long does it take your deodorant to stop working?

Asked by casheroo (18116points) March 3rd, 2009

Not sure if this happens to others, but I doubt I’m that much of a freak of nature.

How long does it take for your deodorant to become ineffective? Do you need to replace it with a different brand?

Just the past couple days, I’ve realized my deodorant is no longer working. This happens after I use the same brand for about 1.5 years, possibly longer. I then have to go on a search for a nice smelling deodorant to replace it, since it will no longer stop me from sweating. I’ve tried replacing with the same stuff and it does not work.

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With normal activity, it’s nearly 24 hours. I don’t know how old you are, but when i was younger (a teenage, specifically), i would have to switch, as my body would adapt. I use the gel stuff now, and have for a bit now – it seems to work best for me.

it’s hard to say, since everyone’s body chemistry is a bit different.

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I have had this happen, but not recently. Whenever it does happen I usually start by switching to a different scent, then to a different brand if need be.

Just wanted to add this note here too: there is a chemical difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. If your goal is to stop sweating, you might benefit using an antiperspirant during the morning followed by a deodorant application during lunchtime if you become less fresh – some brands of antiperspirant do not add perfumes in, however some do, so if you’re having to switch anyway you could give an antiperspirant a try.

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I do use an antiperspirant. It’s after continuous use over the years that the one brand just stops working. It’s annoying.

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I have excessive sweating from my meds and such, so yeah, I kinda know how you feel.

I use Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant. It’s a fairly new brand (had it a few months) but I like it. You put it on at night. I don’t sweat in my underarms anymore with this stuff and it smells pretty good too!

For REALLY excessive sweating (for me, when I ride horses, work at the fair for a few days), I use an OTC treatment called “Certain Dri”. It’s a roll-on liquid with little scent, and you use it in conjunction with your normal antiperspirant.

I definitely recommend it.

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like 15 minutes of me sweating

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Takes days of hippie concerts and lots of beer and sex to get any BO out of me. I only ever started wearing it because my mom told me that teenagers were supposed to wear it. I’m generally a non-stinker.

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My deodorant stops working IMMEDIATELY, whenever I’m pulled over by a cop.

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