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Is Hamas’ endgame to annihilate Israel and sacrifice the lives of all Palestinians if need be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28953points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

If a Hamas fighter and an IDF soldier each have their own nuclear bomb that would kill all
Israelis and Palestinians, which one do you think would detonate that bomb?

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Israel has a big pile of nuclear warheads and has the ability to deliver them by aircraft, missiles and submarines. But they chose not to used them.

Hamas has no nuclear weapons but would very likely use them on Israel if they had them.

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Obviously, Israel is not going to kill all Palestinians, they have had the capability for a long time and they don’t. Hamas is getting all sorts of sympathy with Palestinians dying, so it behooves them to keep the slow death going. Horrific situation all around. Keep in mind plenty of Hamas leaders are WEALTHY and they don’t even live in Gaza. I figure Hamas’ real endgame is to never have peace, and to keep Palestinians poor and desperate. Hamas, a shoot off of the Muslim Brotherhood, are religious zealots, or use religion as a tool, and they push the idea that death is wonderful. By contrast, Jewish people do not talk about death being some wonderful paradise hoping to go there some day, so that is very very different.

Israel, I believe wants peace. Some people in places of power right now think the entire area should be Israel, but the majority of Israelis want peace and two states.

Not sure if Hamas or Iran would blow up Israel to rubble, because they probably want the infrastructure and technology Israel has.

Many Palestinians see Israelis as colonizers, and throughout history one way to fight colonizers was to be disgustingly brutal in attacking them. Eventually, the colonizers threw up their hands and decide to go back to their countries. What people don’t seem to understand is Jews don’t have another country, Israel is it!

When England was colonizing other countries, there was still an England; the English still had a country. The Jewish people in Israel are mostly from the Middle East, some of those other ME countries never even gave the Jews citizenship, same with the Jewish people from Europe in Israel, some of them were not given citizenship in the countries their ancestors came from.

The Palestinians never accepted the lines that were drawn in ‘48. They tried to fight in ‘67 and lost more land, Will they settle now, or do they still want the whole thing? If they will not settle there will never be peace.

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Are you asking who’s more moral, the IDF or Hamas?

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Yes, he is….^^

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^^No idea you were living inside my brain. Were you at RFK’s?

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There are two questions being asked. (1) Is Hamas’ endgame to annihilate Israel and sacrifice the lives of all Palestinians if needs be and (2) If both Israel and Hamas had nuclear weapons would they both use them, neither use them, or only one use them.

(1) Hamas’ endgame is to erase Israel and the Jews from the ME altogether. They see it as a divine order to do so. They put that into their various charters and policies. They don’t care about their own people. That has become painfully obvious through just about every lens. They get hundreds of millions of dollars in support every year to help develop business and the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. They have yet to use these funds for that purpose. They buy weapons to use against Israel. When Israel fights back, Hamas then uses Palestinians as human shields and plays a propaganda game.

(2) I’d have to say that if both had nuclear weapons Hamas would rush to use them against Israel. They have done that (attack Israel) for decades and have spent humanitarian money given to them to buy more weapons to use against Israel. And they wouldn’t care if Israel returned the favor. They don’t care about the civilians. They are fanatics.

Israel, on the other hand, has never initiated any of the attacks on their Arab neighbors. They had every opportunity to completely eliminate Arabs from the Gaza Strip if that was their plan. They had control of both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank at one point and gave up that control in an effort to get a peace treaty. That was a failed effort. The fanatics took control of these areas and then ignored their promises of peace with Israel. Israel has shown no indications that they have ever wanted to annihilate all Palestinians. They are currently on a mission to annihilate all Hamas, but that is a different issue.

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This is a false equivalence. The average Palestinian would not detonate the bomb, and neither would the average Israeli. But nearly every Israeli citizen serves in the IDF, whereas only extremists become Hamas fighters. Would Yahya Sinwar detonate that bomb? Absolutely. But so would Itamar Ben-Gvir.

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^^Thanks. So there is an Israeli who will annihilate all Palestinians even if by the same act, all Israelis will die as well.

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If a Hamas fighter and an IDF soldier each had their own nuclear bomb that would kill all
Israelis and Palestinians, it has come down to a personal choice and I have enough faith left in human nature to believe that neither would be so bloody stupid.

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@flutherother I agree regarding an atomic bomb. What about Iran, do you think Iran would drop an a-bomb on Israel? Note, I am not talking about the average Iranian citizen. I have always known Iranians since my childhood and only have good things to say. Of course most of the Persians I knew and know were fleeing Iran, escaping for their lives in the 70’s. From what I understand Iran is funding Hamas. They use the Palestinians like disposable pawns in my opinion. It’s horrible.

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The premise of this question is so absurd.

For one, it is Israeli Zionists who fomented Hamas, because a violent Islamist group representing Palestinians was more politically expedient to the irredentist ambitions of Zionists.

Only Israel actually has nuclear weapons, even though they officially don’t know acknowledge having any.

Only Israel has the power to annihilate the Palestinian side. Palestinians nor Hamas have the power to annihilate Israel.

Israel is doing the most it can to realise the annihilation of Palestinians, to the extent that is diplomatically and politically feasible. If it could simply be done with a nuclear bomb, they would do so, however that is not a geopolitically or diplomatically feasible thing to do. Israel would instantly be condemned and lose its place as a favoured Western ally if it ever did such a thing.

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^^Thanks. First time I heard that if there were no Israeli Zionists, there will be no Hamas. It would then be fair to say that both sides are merely defending themselves to avoid extinction.

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@mazingerz88 Do you consider the barbaric attack of Israeli civilians by Hamas on October 7th last year a defensive attack by Hamas? It was the deadliest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust in which families were burned alive, women raped and babies butchered.

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^^I consider it as a preemptive attack. To stop the Saudi-Israel deal from taking place. Worked for Hamas…if that indeed was the main reason.

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^^^Unbelievable! Excuse me while I vomit.

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@Kropotkin This is all that really needs to be said on this subject. Only one side actually has the capacity to destroy the other, and they are doing what they can to ensure it happens, with US help. Nearly 40,000 have died so far, millions have been displaced, and it’s likely only going to get worse.

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@gondwanalon You don’t think the timing of Oct 7th was partly to prevent Saudi peace negotiations with Israel? I think Hamas would have attacked Israel eventually anyway, but I do think the peace treaties play into part of it.

Interestingly, the western world seems to be having tremendous sympathy for the Palestinians to the point of a lot of people wanting to erase Israel, but the Saudis helped Israel counterattack Iran. When I say sympathy, I mean sympathy for one state called Palestine.

Hamas is getting what they want in terms of world support, and the more Palestinians suffer the more support they get. I heard Hamas targeted the pier the US is building to bring aid to Gazans.

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^^Seemed the peace negotiations were over between Israel and SA. Done deal. I remember reading an article about Israelis staying at a hotel in SA and celebrating. They could hardly believe it.

Hamas then attacked.

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@mazingerz88 I have always said the Palestinians are treated horribly. All of these leaders deciding things and Palestinians either not invited to the table or used and abused. This current movement for one state will only keep Palestinians in misery, many of them stateless either by choice or because their current country, wherever they might be, won’t give them citizenship. I guess it only matters if they try to travel in a practical sense, but in a psychological sense they live in a state of victimhood.

Many groups feel like they have been victims, but it seems like the most successful individuals and groups that do best move forward to where opportunity lies and where they can be safe and equal, even though most countries have problems with equality.

People say they want Palestine to be one state, including Israel, and secular, and everyone equal, but I don’t think any Palestinian leadership has that in mind. Let alone Israelis would never trust it.

The Palestinians have spent too much time saying Jewish people from countries outside of Israel after ‘48 are not welcome to the region. Moreover, other Arabs in the area chose to align with and accept Israel in ‘48, because historically they were treated like crap by Palestinians. The Druze have mandatory military service just like Jewish Israelis and there are some high ranking Druze in the army. Bedouins aren’t required, but most do serve. Some Palestinians do service, but they aren’t required to, I think it’s only a few thousand at any given time.

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I would say that sums it up vey well.

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