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Fluther adults, do you ever miss being pushed around by adults when you were a child?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24595points) 3 weeks ago

Someone who cares enough about you to push you a little bit more?

To clean your apartment?
To do your chores?
To have homework?

I just realized that they weren’t NSFW people. They were the few who cared. Took me 46 years to realize that.

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I currently do those responsible things. Perhaps I needed prodding as a child or young adult back then.
It was worth it, and I don’t miss it now. I am in a different place in my live now.

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It can help when people care.

I don’t think it often works very well to push. At least, not for me.

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I was thinking about this the other day, when my daughter asked if she could do something and I was thinking how it’s kind of like having a boss (having a mother) and when you ask the boss for something, you’re hoping they say yes but you’re at their mercy.

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I’m self-motivated.
But it’s hard to care about anything, if nobody cares about you. Or, if that’s your perception.

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I don’t miss being corrected or being taught all the things that ended up making me a better person. I do miss my mom, the one that used to teach me all those things. She was a great woman full of love and class.

But today, I get really annoyed when someone tries to “teach” me things like that. At this point in my life it always comes off as condescending. My normal reaction these days is to ignore or actively rebel against such things.

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I would have appreciated adults giving me guidance as a child.

I had no adult supervision at home as a child. No adult ever told me to do any chores. No adult at home ever punished me. I ran wild with no boundaries. I was given enough rope to hang myself. At age 7 I hit rock bottom. I had a realization of the concept of cause and effect. It was easier to work hard and do good than it was to be lazy and do bad. But I had to do it myself. No help from anyone at home.

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My mother has been dead many decades now. I’m more mature than the other adults in my life, so out of necessity I have invented my own “mommy”. When I’m sick or have a problem, I yank her out, have her tell me what to do to get better or resolve my problem, and I write it all down. If necessary I put timers on my phone so I don’t forget. Then I put her away again.

By the way, this system works quite well, and she’s very convenient.

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@snowberry That’s exactly what I was thinking. My mother actually taught me that when I was very Young. When something upset her so told me “I gave myself a good talking to”

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@YARNLADY Yes, and I raised my kids to think the same way: Listen to your body. Are you thirsty? Drink water! Is your nose running? Wipe it!

It sounds stupid, but some kids at least don’t realize they’re tired, or their nose is running, etc. and none of mine ever flushed the toilet on their own until they were much older.

Later on I gave my kids plenty of time to resolve their own problems before I stepped in. I think it served them well.

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I get to nudge and push around my 89 year old father now that I’m his caretaker. ;)

The nice thing is he still guides me in the right direction and gives me great advice.

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