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Do you have any childhood dreams that you can cross off your bucket list?

Asked by talljasperman (21842points) May 28th, 2014

Even as an adult. I wanted to have all 300 channels , and high speed internet 100 Mb/s. I did that for one month. It Is true that with 300 channels their is nothing on TV. I switched back to basic cable and saved a big swack of cash… I wanted last month to have enough food to go wild eating what ever I liked. I’m close, I bought in bulk so I can buy more and save some money to move back with my hometown either Jasper National Park or back to Edmonton.

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10 years ago: I wish I was good at English.

And now I’m here.

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I own a Viking Battle Axe and a drinking horn, so my life is pretty much complete.

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I’ve traveled although as I child I had a fascination with English literature and always wanted to go to London. In August I will finally get to go. I will only get to spend a day or two because the bulk of this vacation will be spent with two of my grandchildren who live in Scotland. Love for those precious ones is greater than any childhood dream I ever had

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I own a Viking Battle Axe and a drinking horn, so my life is pretty much complete.

I was going to post something, but then I read that.

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I have jumped out of a perfectly sound aircraft. I’ve been to Philmont. I got my Eagle Scout. Many more still to do.

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I have been a cowboy, a sailor, a singer, a dad and now a grandpa.

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I met my childhood idol.

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Lying on my back with an erection that reached beyond my belly button
Having kids
Owning a helicopter yet to happen, but one fine day

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As a child, I wanted to…
be a firefighter nope
be a fighter pilot nope
be a super hero nope
be an artist yup

One out of four ain’t bad.

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@cookieman that looked like my list only add rockstar.

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In 1952 (when I was 5), I wanted to join an online social Q&A site; unfortunately the internet didn’t exist then. ;-(

But now here I am! ;-D

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Visiting the USA, which I finally did at the age of 33.

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@Brian1946 So you fat faceless ghost achieve your dream by possessing my dear @Brian1946 and use his account huh ~

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Thanks for saying that- there’s nothing more refreshing than a secular exorcism! ;-)

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When I was a little girl I always wanted to play Annie in the musical “Annie”. A few years later I finally got that chance. And nearly 25 years later I finally got to meet my childhood idle.
I wanted to go to the Tony Awards someday, that happened last year.

Also, I wanted to get married someday…that happened too.
Oh yeh, and I wanted a dachshund. I got one in 91. He was named Oscar and he passed away in 2003.

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I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. It’s a great feeling!

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I got to Australia a few times. Swam in several oceans. Learned a second language. Moved abroad. Been to France a few times. I even managed to have an offspring. Working with and parenting a child with autism wasn’t on my bucket list, but it should have been, because that changed my life for the better in all sorts of ways.

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I wanted to be an astronaut. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

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I wanted a dog. Check.

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