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Does anyone watch supernatural?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) September 26th, 2008
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I do. I enjoy it.
MTV had a show on awhile back that I loved as well, where ppl went into haunted places and had to spend the night there and do these tasks. I loved that.

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I do sometimes, when I can catch it. I enjoy it greatly. It’s a lot of fun and easy to pick up on a casual basis while it clearly also has a strong story arch.

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Yes, its defanetly a good show and I will recommend it to anyone! =)

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Gotta catch up with the new season when it comes out on DVD though cause while it was on TV I was catching up on the first two on DVD :P

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yes the third season is amazing shrubbery!! And the 4th season just started so try to catch up =D

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ohh really? well I’m in Aus so we’re probably not gonna get it for a while :(

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oh well i live in the us so you might have a while but thanks for sharing your answer =)

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I’m sure someone watches “Supernatural,” yeah.

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I just answered another question leaving Supernatural as one of my answers.
Supernatural is the BOMB!
(surprisingly a bit spooky too)

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