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Can Cats see in the dark ?

Asked by pennylockhart2009 (29points) September 26th, 2008
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“Seeing” is the detection of light.

In absolute dark, no, cats cannot see anything.

It is interesting to note that cats’ night vision is superior to humans although their vision in daylight is actually inferior.

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See in the dark? I’ll leave robmandu to answer. Ambush my feet as I walk to the bathroom in what I would call pitch black and is certainly the dead of night? Yes.

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@EmpressPixie, I like it when you stumble half-asleep back to bed after hitting the bathroom and the kamikaze/ninja attack lashes your feet from under the bed.

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I just want to know why, if my cats see me coming, why they don’t get out of the way.

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@tinyfaery your cats are wondering why you don’t get out of THEIR way.

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Yeah tinyfaery, you should know that you don’t own them, they own you. You’re their pet human. You do what they want, coz you know that they won’t do what you want!!!

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