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How do political campaigns choose who to decide the email is from?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) September 26th, 2008

We all know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are not sitting down and writing emails to us. I get emails that say they are from Obama, Biden, campaign staffers, etc. Is there reasoning behind which emails come from who? As the reader, I honestly don’t really care because I know that it’s a staffer writing and sending all of them. I don’t get excited when I see that Barack wrote me an email! If he REALLY wrote ME an email I would! (by the way, after his speech at the DNC 4 years ago I wrote him an email saying he should run for president. He never wrote back!)

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The candidates themselves don’t write them, but each bigwig has his or her own staff. Their staffs write them. Each staff is VERY different. Yes, Obama and Biden are running together. But their staffs are still quite separate. Biden’s staff writes his, because Biden says “I want to say this to the world” or because the campaign manager, David Plouffe, decides that the people need to hear this from Biden specifically because the message needs to appeal to those who like him. For example, a message from the campaign on second amendment rights will come from Biden, and a message on women’s rights might come from Hillary. Their staffs write the emails, and the candidate will sometimes add things here or there.

I went off topic a bit…to answer your question directly, either the bigwig that the email comes from ordered it to be sent, or the higher-ups of the campaign thought that the message being delivered should be directed at a certain individual’s base.

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I just have a feeling that most of the time the “big wigs” actually have no idea about the emails that go out in their name. I don’t care, but just think it’s kinda funny.

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