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Which household chore do you most dislike?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) September 26th, 2008

For me, it is anything that involves putting things away, with the exception of groceries. I hate emptying the dishwasher or drying rack, putting away clean clothes, putting new sheets on the bed (don’t worry—I still do it!). I also hate unpacking after a trip. I would rather clean things than put stuff away.

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Putting the clothes away after laundry.

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Luckily I like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Usually if keep those under control the other stuff gets done without any complaints. I hate laundry.

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Posting the orders on the refrigerator door, so my housekeeper knows what needs to be done.

I got a new dishwasher the other day.

She’s 19…

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washing the bathroom. I don’t mess it up.

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we have a housekeeper too but they dont put away my laundry! and its only every 2 weeks

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checking receipts against credit card bills, arrrr!

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I HATE to dust and vacuum!

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Oh yes! Vacuuming SUCKS!

(Remember, I’m legally insane…)

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i second putting clothes away…also putting groceries away.

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Cleaning the toilet.

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Any kind of “wet work”...dishes, cleaning the bathroom or kitchen. I am lucky enough to have maid service every other week, and that covers most of it. Sadly, dishes cannot wait 2 weeks!

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Buy a stack of PAPER PLATES.

Use once, then toss…

That’s what college kids do…

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Cleaning hair/debris out of the drains. :{

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Household Hint:

To easily remove hairs from drains, do the following.

1. Pour about 1 cup of Kerosene down the drain.

2. Toss a lit match down that same drain.

3. Stand back and wait for the hairs to be disintegrated.

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@Jack: I use paper plates and plastic cups more than could possibly be acceptable to any good environmentalist!

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They can be recycled…

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Cleaning out the fridge!

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To easily clean out the fridge, do the following:

1. Have a party for some college kids.

2. Announce that they have fridge raiding privileges.

The fridge will be EMPTY by morning, if it is still in your kitchen.

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I agree, I hate the white load. Finding and folding the socks. Putting laundry away. Putting clean dishes away. Entering receipts into quicken. (that cha ching sounds makes me sad, haha, I have to mute the computer)

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Thanks JackAdams, but I think I would be annoyed by the college kids more than cleaning out the fridge on my own.

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I don’t have a white load….

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i hate mopping the floor. it involves sweeping to do it right, and then moving things around, and the whole thing is a lot of work. actually i used to hate it so much i would take an old towel and just get on my hands and knees and do the floor square yard by square yard, and keep getting up to rinse the towel. the good thing about that is i felt like it got really clean, because it got extra attention.

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cleaning the dog shit from the yard lol

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mowing my lawn. Been doing it since I was 12 and I’m 22.. I can’t wait til I graduate…

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@emily, before I read your entire question, in my head I said, yeah! Anything that has to do with putting it away! Just ask “whatthefluther” he’ll tell you! The poor guy but he puts up with me, god love him! Well, I love him more, WTF, I mean…

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Dishes. It actually makes me vomit. Even just loading the dish washer can make me gag.

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@boxing; you do that?

I hate changing the bed. I have a very tight bedroom!

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i just finished cleaning, went out of the room, came back to find the dogs had ‘operated on’ one of their toys. looks like it snowed.

I hate all housework and i give up.

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@ckinyc, yeah…have to…pain in the xxxx.

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@jack from WAY up there…. you can’t recycle dirty paper plates! I think that people who have to resort to disposables have some issues…...

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I use paper and plastic plates and cups.

I think of it as keeping ppl in their jobs…the ppl who make them. AND, when my daughter was little, i used disposable diapers!!! And I make no excuses.

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i have a dishwasher but lately i’ve been doing the dishes by hand, mostly. it takes about 4 days to fill up the dishwasher, or else leave the dishes in the sink piling up, so it’s kind of easier to just wash them by hand and get it over with.

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@jca I never understood the whole dishwasher thing. I’ve had one once, but never want another. I found having to get most of the gook off and then having those nasty water spots is not worth it!

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Pap: Toto! You don’t have one of those crazy ones that play music, do you?

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The dishes.
Ugh, i lost a bet and had to do dishes for a month.
I am so glad it’s October ha.

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I don’t like putting things away, either. My place is small and I have to really get creative sometimes, and it makes me tired.

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