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If the truth hurts? Then does a lie feel good? Or do they both hurt?

Asked by sundayBastard (605points) September 27th, 2008

And if they both hurt. Is it safe to say that, everytime we say something it hurts someone somewhere?

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The truth only hurts in certain instances. Lies always hurt. Furthermore in those cases were “the truth hurts” its always much less than a lie that you later find out about.

Just be honest and save everyone a big headache.

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Painful truths hurt for a moment. Lies last a lifetime.

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Although the truth may hurt, it typically involves furthering your understanding of yourself whereas lies are damaging to the recipient and the teller.

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I like all of your responses and oh so hasty!

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Not all lies lead to pain; it can be argued that some lies are comforting and can make a person feel better about themselves. A lie can make us feel good about ourselves, like “yes, you do look thin in that dress.” The truth can hurt, but in a sense, at least in my opinion, the pain is also cathartic.

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truth hurts only if you don’t want to hear it or are not ready to. big lies hurt everyone. little white lies mask the truth and prolong the real truth. up to the ppl invovled to decide.

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You know you could just Twix.

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I HATE being lied to. It is the one deal breaker in my world. I really don’t have a problem writing people out of my life when they lie to me. I also hate when people are caught lying and they use the lame excuse ,“I knew you would be mad….” Ugh. I have no use for people who lie, I would always much rather be told the truth and deal with that.
Huge huge issue with me, can you tell?

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they both hurt but the truth will heal in time where as the lie will not.

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There is no possible generalization here. If one were to generalize, I would go with the truth over a lie any day.

Often when people use the espression :the truth hurts,” it is because someone has created a mess of lies. When the truth is revealed, there is pain, but the pain may not be about the truth, but about the fact that there were lies.

Lies serve the liar! Saying differently is just a rationalization.

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Lies are what ended my first marriage. He asked me, two years after the divorce was the what hurt or finding out the truth…did that do it in. It was the lies, hands down. The truth, it sucked; however, I would have felt that we could have worked together to fix things, but lying, about everything, and I do mean everything was the deal breaker.

I’m strong, I may not like the truth, but I can deal with that, lie to me and it leaves a mark.

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white lies are still ok in my book.
ex; someone’s wearing their fave dress, which they adore.
you think it looks horrible, but you tell them it’s fine.

Granted lies are not ok. but, sometimes little ones are needed. Depends on the situation tho.

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True! wait no that’s a lie! ok it’s a lie. alright well now your telling the truth. no I’m not. well now you are then. yes! yes what? Liar! Now that’s the truth.

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There is this book by Avi for young teens called Perloo the Brave. In the back are a bunch of sayings from the character Mogwat the Magpie. One of her most famous ones is “A lie flies then falls. Truth hops, but keeps on going.” This is a credo I try to live my life by.

(perloo belongs to a race of bunny-like creatures, which is where the hopping comes from)

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Sorry, the book is actually called Perloo the Bold.

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lies do not always hurt. if the person wants to be lied to, then telling them the truth may be worse than lying. however, the vast majority of lies are performed purely at the expense of the target, and thus agree with everything most everyone has said here.

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@drhat77 Yes, in your profession people sometimes do not want the truth. I would never feel that way, but have seen it play out over and over again with people who do not have a good prognosis. It is their right in that case I believe.

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I’d prefer being upset or hurt by learning the truth, but I’d get over it importantly I would respect you.
Yet, if you lied to me and I found out? That would hurt more. 1. Because of how little respect you have for me. 2. Because I believed you were a person with integrity.

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The truth may hurt.
But in the long run, it will hurt less.

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Truth hurts like a surgery hurts. It goes straight to the tender area. Lies hurt like an infection. Long term effects are similar too. Truth is healthier.

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Truth, Lie. It’s interesting that people are compelled to say anything at all.

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If the truth hurts then it is working. I saw that on a church sign and it made sense.

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