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Can you help me find a free graphics/images/design/whatnot program for Mac?

Asked by zina (1661points) October 31st, 2009

I need to take an image of a map (which I already have) and add dots to it in specific points. And either text or numbers to label the dots. It needs to look professional.

I have a MacBook 10.4.11, so I downloaded Gimp but it doesn’t open, Paintbrush didn’t either (as recommended in this thread:, and Image Tricks only adjusts images but you can’t seem to add such specific things to them (like iPhoto and others)....

Help anyone?

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you might try to find the old Tiger version of GIMP on their site, or use a simple online photo editor like Picnik

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Sweet, Seashore is doing the job. Thanks!

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Gimp works great, but you have to have X11 installed first for it to work. Install X11 from the DVDs that came with your computer (if you have them), or download it from Apple ( and install it. Then install & run Gimp…

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Nice, I didn’t realize SeaShore was a GIMP fork. Good to know “open source” lives on the Mac as well.

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@RedMosquitoMM there’s TONS of open source stuff for the mac, what are you talking about?

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@eponymoushipster That wasn’t a bash on MacOS or anything, and I assume there are plenty of open source programs, I’m just not familiar with too many of them because my use of MacOS is generally limited to Adobe apps. I’m learning GIMP on Ubuntu right now so I’m always interested to see apps that cross those OS lines.

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@RedMosquitoMM oh, ok. yeah, there are tons.

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So I’ve been rocking the Adobe suite on work macs for a while, and am running Ubuntu on all my computers at home so I want to get invested/familiarized with GIMP. What’s the best place to start?

[I’ll be putting this question out in the Fluthersphere as well]

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