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Would you buy an Apple Touch Screen notebook/tablet ?

Asked by seVen (3461points) August 2nd, 2009

Just wanted to know the percentage of people here on Fluther to know if what Apple is going to release soon will be profitable for them.

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for a 75% discount i might consider it.

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I doubt I would.

You have an actual citation of Apple announcing a tablet computer, or is this just idle speculation?

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Nope. Already have a MacBook and an iPhone. Soon well be getting an iMac. I just would have no need.

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Apple’s business model is rather brilliant, but it locks me, and others like me, out.

They have wonderful designers and engineers, and make elegant, beautiful products (some, like the iPhone, are so elegant that they are virtually irresistible) and they are a joy to see, handle and use, but they then ask such a price-premium that I have yet to be able to justify the expense.

My assumption is that when the Apple tablet is released (and it does seem to be in the pipeline, along with some kind of tie-in to Verizon) I will find it lovely and desirable and well out of my reach.

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No, I wont buy it. Apple stuff have a good quality but their always proprietary and overpriced.

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I don’t really see how I’d use it. Sure, I like the idea, but typing on it would be a pain, and it just seems like an oversized iPhone or iPod Touch. I’d just go with the iPod Touch.

If they started giving it away free with every macbook pro, though, then we may have a deal…

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Of course, if you want a reliable percentage statistic, this is not going to provide it – since it’s tagged “Apple”, “Mac” and whatnot, this will attract more Apple fans.

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It’s like the MacBook wheel parody run at Macworld Expo time. I’ll pretty much buy anything Apple makes.

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Tap on your desk for ten minutes. That’s what typing on it would be like.

And it will be way overpriced.


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So is there a link showing they are coming out with one?

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There have been flutters on Gizmodo and Engadget.

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ahh. thanks.

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If I were a professional graphic artist like a graphic designer or a photographer, I sure as hell would get one. Think of how amazing it would be to be able to edit photographs by “drawing” directly onto it. I think it’d get a lot more people to make the jump from drawing/painting to graphic arts because it would be so intuitive.

Sadly, I’m a biologist, so I probably would not purchase one. There wouldn’t be much use for me. I think they’ll get most of their revenue from professionals in the industry, and students going away to design school. Students almost always buy laptops, and if you’re going to art school, why the hell wouldn’t you get one that’s also a tablet? Talk about saving money in the long run, plus the ability to draw directly onto the screen is just incredible for an artist.

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@fireinthepriory Tables do already exist, you know ;-)

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No need really. Got Macbook Pro and iPhone. The tablet’s good for people who only really browse the internet but we might be surprised at Macworld. Steve (If he shows up) might surprise use as usual.

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Yes!! I would buy it because I’m an Apple fanboy 100%. I’d have to justify the purchase first. It would have to be something I can use. I have upgraded to every model iPhone since the first one and I feel it’s worth every penny because I use every feature on it and it all works so beautifully and in a simple manner in which I don’t require a manual to operate it.

Before the advent of the iPhone, I had gone through several cellphones which were “feature-packed” but never got any use out of any of the features because the devices were so cumbersome and the UI was (and still is on many competitors) pure trash. Apple came along and hit one right out the ballpark with their first swing. Totally unheard of. You can’t deny it.

I owned an HP Mini netbook for about 5 months. Actually used it for 2 or 3 weeks, while vacationing in Mexico and Brazil this year. Got rid of it as it really didn’t prove as useful as I thought. It was actually a pain in the ass. It was ridiculously slow.

Waiting on Apple to save the universe once again…

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No thanks.

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I’m a big Apple fan but I would need to know the price and it would have to work well and be practical.

Most Apple stuff is awesome if you ask me but there are times when they fail (see: Apple TV).

But I like the idea because I assume I would be able to use it like a Wacom Tablet.

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It would most likely use a capative touch screen, meaning no pressure sensitivity, and not much stylus support.

If they do make it like the iPhone, it seems rather useless to graphic designers, where pressure sensitivity and the ability to use a stylus are extremely important.

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@eambos I don’t think it would be aimed at graphic designers. Also I love their touch screens. They’re the only touch screen that are very accurate, sensative and very responsive (unlike many other touch screen devices) and don’t have a sort of squishy screen feel to them like most touch screen gadgets do.

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If it was a good merge between a graphics pen tablet and the monitor, and you could actually use it to draw and edit, I would consider it. The other factors would have to be durability, portability, and price.
Then again, I’m fine w/ my MBP for now.

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Maybe—when I can get my hands on one to see what it really, as opposed to what what everybody thinks it will be.

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