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When you're lounging at home do you lounge under a blanket?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) September 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Whenever I lounge at home I love using my favorite quilt. Even when it’s hot outside I crank up the AC so I will be comfy with my quilt. Do you love using covers?

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No, man, it’s hot over here!!!

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Sometimes—that’s one of my favorite parts about winter. Right now I’m lounging blanket free but with my legs over the edge of the loveseat and the cat in the little cave my legs make.

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I always use my “blankie” and I live in Texas, it’s always hot. It’s really comfy to relax on the couch all snuggly watching tv or playing video games. My blanket is thin knitted and dark teal.

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Only at night.

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Always. I’ll open the front door to cool the room down, so I can use my throw. Course, it never gets terribly warm here on the Oregon coast.

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I love cuddling under my blanket when I stay home on my days off. It’s starting to get pretty chilly here (Portland, OR) anyway, so it’s perfect for blanket days. :)

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Only when I’m cold…or naked.

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yup…just bought new ones ‘cause the old ones wore out! Two chairs, a fireplace, two blankets and a pet on your lap – what’s better?

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