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Will I get jail time for underage drinking while on unsupervised probation?

Asked by dui2008 (3points) September 27th, 2008

I was recently placed on unsupervised probation for dui. I also (2 days after the dui) was charged for driving while license revoked and got 3 days jail time. Now, (about 30 days since I was sentenced for dui) I was charged with yet another underage drinking charge. This is my 3rd. I am 20 years old. Will I get jail time? How long? Is there any way to avoid it. Yes, I am a slow learner but I’m ready to change.

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Yes, you do seem dim-witted, but at least get a lawyer (and don’t ask us).

Maybe use the time to go to some AA meetings. I think that you will need help in changing your behavior.

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Lindsey Lohan?

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I hope you get jail time.
How are you “ready to change”? You should be very happy that you’re not facing manslaughter charges! How woud you feel if you killed someone? You shouldn’t be allowed to drive!

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Hopefully the last underage drinking charge wasn’t traffic related.
Definitely look into a lawyer.

I know someone who was almost as bad as you and he is still waiting to find out if he will have to go to a $7000 rehab program.

Definitely find a way to get some help or turn your ways around, my cousin was in a DUI accident that put his good friend in the hospital and he still regrets his actions.

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I just noticed your name is dui2008? Aren’t you embarrassed? Is that how you want to be known?

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You need a good attorney, Kid.

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I hope so. Everyone makes mistakes, but all that? In such a short time? You definitely need a time out.

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3 strikes your out…you’ll probably get jail time, and mandatory drug rehabilitation. Unless, you have a lot of money and someone can bribe the judge.

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