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Is anyone else that subscribes to Esquire magazine pissed that they did not recieve the e-ink cover?

Asked by TrenchantWit (285points) September 27th, 2008

because im pissed, i was looking forward to seeing this tech. and as a subscriber i would say we should get first dibs,

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As an occasional reader of esquire to an obvious fan… can you please tell me the brand of the gray felt blazer that Pharrell was wearing in the 2005 photo shoot for best-dressed man? I’m not kidding, I’ve been trying to find out for three years. My life is pathetic.

Also, I did hear about the e-ink, and it really intrigued me. Sorry to hear you got swindled.

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@Shockvalue totally not a fan, im more a technology fan… as far as your question goes, i have no clue i shop at target,lol. If you still have the issue im sure its written in there somewhere

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As a subscriber, I really couldn’t care less. Do you think they should have provided a copy to all subscribers? I can understand being disappointed, but pissed? It’s not like you were shorted in some way.

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Well, they did say it was limited edition? eBay, my friend. eBay. You can pick them up pretty cheap.

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I thought everyone was getting it—what happened?

(I also heard it ended up being pretty lame and you aren’t missing out on much. While it was hackable, its capabilities were so phhbt that it basically wasn’t worth it.)

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@EmpressPixie I’ve just ordered one, I’m interested now. I heard about it at the time, then forgot about it. If it’s amazing, I’ll post back here.

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Well here’s one review calling it a pathetic disappointment

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Meh. It looks cool anyway. I’ll see what I can do with it.

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