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Why can't iPhone users give a point to a person who ask a "Great Question"?

Asked by gooch (5734points) August 9th, 2007

When using my iphone I tried to click on great question and it doesnt work but on my laptop it does they both allow for great anser points though

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For fluther problems, it's probably best if you use the contact link. It's probably just a simple little glitch that they didn't know about.

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I used the contact link once and got a e-mail the next day from someone. I was impressed.

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I tried that already

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it worked for me on iPhone, at least I think it did. Are you using the iPhone site?

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Maybe b/c iPhones are dumb.

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keep trying - it's probably just a simple glitch at the time ... I haven't had any problem using my iPhone with the "Great Answer" link

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great answer works but great question dies not... Its two different things guys!

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thanks for clearing that up – ever heard SISO ?

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@Gooch, I have to tell you… I know someone who also calls himself “Gooch.” Now, to respond to your question. I too, am able to give someone a “Great Question as well as the 5pts.”

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