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Why do I have to login every time I go to Fluther on my iPhone now?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) September 30th, 2013 from iPhone

Ever since I got the 5s I’ve had to login every time. I’m sure iOS 7 must have something to do with this. Anybody else experiencing this problem? Is there any setting I can change on my phone or anything else that will alleviate this problem? It’s just a pain in the ass to have to put in my screen name and password every time.

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Is it clearing your cookies when you exit the browser?

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I updated to ios7 on my iPad and it didn’t do it. I haven’t tried the iPhone yet because i have to many pictures and not enough memory to update.

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iOS 7…bad robot!

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I access via Chrome for iOS, and it’s been logging me out for months. Usually if I hit the back button in the browser, it decides to remember me. Go figure.

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Because things are going exactly as planned . . .

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I’ve been trying to login on my iphone and I can’t get past the login screen. It won’t take my username and password at all : /

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@Emmy1234: Sometimes when I tap Login, it takes me to the Sign Up page. See if it works via this link:

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Okay thanks @hearkat I will try that!

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It just made me log again on my iPad but it asked me if I wanted it to remember my password. I said yes. Let’s see if it remembers.

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@Judi: That just means it will auto-fill the username and password when you navigate to the Login page. As I mentioned above, when I open my browser and Fluther opens with ads, I just tap the back button and it seems to reactivate the cookies because I’m logged in. I can then hit the forward button if I want to return to the page I started on.

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