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How many of you read Fluther on an iPhone?

Asked by joshuaezra (4points) February 1st, 2008 from iPhone

just wondering- after all that is how I use it!

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I would, if Apple would sell them in the Netherlands… Damn, it love that thing. But i decided so continue to save for a Macbook Pro. :-)

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I use my iPod Touch to when I have access to WiFi.

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Around 2.5% of our traffic comes from iPhones, depending on how you count it.

This January we had more 2,000 unique users come to

And, as of yesterday, I’m one of those users. :)

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Yup. I do. On iPhone, in UK. (Rare breed, apparently.)

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I do, occasionally.

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While I’m out doing things and bored I do.
Otherwise at home I just check stuff out on my computer.

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yep I do

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Raises hand.

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I don’t think I ever used it on a computer. It bothers me when writing long answers on the iPhone though because the text and cursor start to do weird things. Plus driving while fluthering is scary, but some of my best answers have come in the face of a semi. Oh, when my wife is trying to talk to me @ dinner or something, she just loves it when I fluther & “yes” her.

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@vanguard-I can relate brotha’ lol fluther safely though

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iPhone is the only way I use Fluther.

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@Ben Congrats On the new Iphone !!!
Plus count me in here on iphone to

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I only read fluther on my iPhone. Never think to look on my MacBook pro.

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yes mostly iPhone use
Unless it is a long answer

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I only use my iPhone if I’m not be a computer, which is what MobileSafari is for really.

@Japhy: Not that rare… I’m on O2 aswell!

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yep !! I found out about fluther on my iPhone…...

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I don’t usually respond on my iPhone, but I definitely browse when I have some down-time.

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