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Best unrestrictive men's hair styling product?

Asked by Unit134679 (96points) September 27th, 2008

I’m looking for a men’s hair styling product that can shape my hair without making it stiff. I want to be able to manipulate my hair at any time and have it stay instead of at application.

I’ve read that wax could work but I am uncertain how effective it would be. Also I’d prefer it not make my hair shine.

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Control Paste by Aveda

Smells great, works great, no helmet head.

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A bit harder to find but I use Jonathan product line “dirt.” it’s that guy who had a hair styling reality show a couple of years ago, has a great product line; I have the coarse “Asian” hair and it allows me to do the “messy” look without my hair looking greasy or spikey (like ICE). No residue and lasts all day.

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I’m female, but I have a spiky cut… I use Sport Fiber Paste by LA Looks. It’s in a blue tub. They also had a TERRIFIC wax… I can’t find it anymore… but it was in an orange tub… they must’ve stopped making it :(

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If you use wax, make sure you get “dry” wax. It’s usually in a tube, instead of a tub. It doesn’t make it greasy.

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I was told palm aid . like in Oh Brother Where Art Though.

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@Bri_L: pommade-you a Dapper Dan man?! hehe

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That was a great movie.

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@ sndfreQ – You wouldn’t believe how many ways I tried spelling that before I gave up and went with a sound a like.

Yeah, that stuff. But not the slick back way. Just a little bit roughed through.

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@Bri_L & sndfreQ: Pommade? Does that stuff even exist? I thought it was just in the movie. Good movie indeed.

@xioioix: I think that is what I am looking for…thanks!

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@Bri_L: I was wrong! It’s pomade (one M)

@Unit134679: Check this out!

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Then what did I just smear in my hair and where are all these bees coming from?!?!!?!?

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@sndfreQ: I guess any pomade would do

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