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Are you a fan of online music sites?

Asked by mattw (53points) September 27th, 2008

Have you tried online music sites like If you have, please give me your thoughts.

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I actually do use online music sites. I’ve tried TheSixtyOne and a few others. I find TheSixtyOne is the best and most diverse music websites.

The only other online music website I visit frequently is HypeMachine

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checking out Hypermachine now…

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yes arghhhh!

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I love, and Hypem is great too. But my favorite is

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@shockvalue: I second That one is mysterious though, is membership by invite or something else..? I must know :P

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I love pandora to death…I am truly missing it right now because I am in Qatar on business for 2 months and the internet from this hotel sux :-(

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I use under the same alias, and now TheSixtyOne, looks good, sounds good, I’m looking forward to using it :)

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I’m checking out Hypemachine right now, looks pretty sweet.

I’m a huge fan of I love how they update charts instantly now too.

netxm's avatar - is best for me

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