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Can you see the Invisible Man's feces?

Asked by JackAdams (6574points) September 28th, 2008

The Invisible Man takes “a dump,” and everyone knows that you can’t see his feces while it is still inside his body, of course, but once it leaves his body, does it suddenly become visible?

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JackAdams, you never cease to amaze us.

I think it would show up, just like his footprints.

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Footprints result from a physical pressure being exerted on the ground. Feces is a physical substance being ejected from his body, which means they are two different things, right?

This wasn’t a question of my origination. It was brought up by a friend of mine, and to be totally honest, I was actually thinking of wording it, to inquire if the Invisible Man started bleeding, would you be able to see his blood droplets, once they left his body?

We need to note that, when the Invisible Man eats or drinks, the food or liquids in his body are visible, until they have been absorbed/digested into his system. This is why it was mentioned in the novel that, after ingesting food, he had to remain hidden for an hour or two, or folks would see floating food.

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I’ll tell you one thing for sure. Whether you see it or not, you definitely SMELL it! That’s why, you know how sometimes you smell this foul odor and you can’t figure out from where? Well, the invisible man just took a dump on your feet.

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You always come up with excellent answers, Sir.

That’s why I am an admirer of yours.

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This all depends on the method used to make the invisible man invisible. If you’re just using a super-mirror nano-suit that constantly transmit the image from the back to the front and vice versa all around and up and down, then yes, anything that was not covered by the suit would become visible.

On the other hand, if you used some kind invisibility medicine that had to be infused into the blood stream, and then to every cell of your body, this, presumably, would get attached to everything else that was a product of the body, and transfer the invisibility to it. In this case, the feces would keep the quality of invisibility.

Although, as MrM says, it might also be nice to have something that cancels out the odors, and not just of the effluent from the cloaca, but also of the entire corpus.

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Thank you, Professor daloon.

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if he ate corn, yes.

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Ya know, JA, I gotta start charging you for answers to these questions. And they are so basic, too. What kind of education did you have? If you kept the Boys Manual of Everything in your house, you’d know these things!

You can get it at Amazooon, ISBN 2340he746trguvy3474576

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According to one theory, yes, but if you see the feces actually in the act of appearing, you may become an invisible man yourself.

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I know that I would certainly disappear!

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Jack… why?!!

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Sorry, the moderators won’t let me respond to an off-topic inquiry.

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I’m just gonna call Orson and ask him.

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Jack: Why would there be any difference between the pressure of a foot on the ground and the s**t hitting the sand? Also remember there are other senses that can detect elimination. You don’t have to “see” with your eyes only, do you see?

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Yes, I understand what you are saying, and you are certainly right.

Now, would you like to answer the question, please?

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