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Is there a free way to put videos on iPod?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) September 28th, 2008

I have videos that I haven’t bought from iTunes and I want to put them on my iPod.

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From a download website or DVD.

For converting DVDs, the best way is with Handbrake. I haven’t tried it with downloads, but there is a chance it will work.

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I recently installed Videora, which worked great for converting files to ipod format. But the license seems to have expired on the free trial. I think it costs $30 to purchase.

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I use Super! on windows to convert all videos not from dvd. If it’s from a DVD, I use handbrake. All of this converts movies to iPod/iPhone compatible formats

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If you’re on Mac, use iSquint. It’s great and 100% free. I’ve never come across a video it couldn’t handle.

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DVD43 and handbreak. YouTube it.. Works great.

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First off you need to convert them to MP4, after this import them into iTunes then sync them to your iPod. If they will not sync you can choose ‘Prepare for iPod’ from one of the option menus (i forget which one) which will make it iPod ready.
To convert the video i use VLC media player. If you choose file -> streaming/trascoding wizard you can easily choose all the MP4 aspects (MP4 video and audio) then save it.

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Searching before asking is virture.

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or you could forgo the time-consuming, duplicate-creating, quality-destroying ‘prepare for iPod’ step;

Configure your converter to the iPod video specs, and the song will be ready after the first re-encode.

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I use DVDFab to convert my DVDs for my iPod. You do have to pay for it, and it is well worth the money. From what I have seen from friends etc, the quality of picture etc is better than the free converters.

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@blasphamy. You could but this ensure that you won’t encounter any sycing problems. Therefore he/she won’t come back complaining it didn’t work

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@jballou when it converts it, the movie skips. any ideas?

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@queenzboulevard – what settings are you using and what file format is the original video in?

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For the Windows platform, I second DVD43 and Handbrake.

Handbrake can be pointed at a personal DVD (or any other video source) and convert the content into another format (like M4V for iPod).

Now, for commercial DVDs that employ copy protection schemes (like Macrovision), simply ripping with Handbrake alone isn’t sufficient. The result is a garbled file. That’s when you need software like DVD43. It basically sits in the background and filters out the copy protection before Handbrake sees the a/v stream. The result then is a clean rip.

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i squint takes too long to convert and when i convert it it turns to a text file not an mp4 that can be put on my iphone

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@jballou I just used the default settings (optimize for iPod, standard quality). The original format is .avi. The only way I have been able to actually see the movie is if I check H.264 encoding. If I don’t select that then I can only hear it, however If I do select it the movie skips.

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@afghanmoose & queenzboulevard -

Never had any of those problems. I would try using a higher quality setting, see if that helps.

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